Ouryou strikes again as the fuzz tightens the noose around her. In the end, Shougo discards her as a disappointing plaything, but not before finding another toy in Kougami.

Dual Regret

What a pity. Not only does Mika (ponytailed girl) lose both of her friends, she has to face an uncertain future thanks to her trauma and potential “cloudy” Psycho Pass hue. It’s interesting that Yayoi encouraged her to cry before that happened. Innocents affected by another’s actions such as Mika can be prosecuted by a system which does not care about the circumstances or your past behavior.

After this, I’m already off the fence and opposed to the Sybil system. Before, I saw some vague benefits, but now, I just see a heartless system prosecuting innocents while failing to catch the real criminal. Speaking of criminal, I thought that not using her more as a character was rather disappointing too. She just acts wary of Ouryou, gives her friend info about her and finally just cries. But now that I think about it, it fits with her cautious character and the dark, realistic nature of the show (It inverts the usual anime trope that youths can save the day). Still, I’m disappointed.

Oh, Ouryou!

Everyone must be thinking: “What in the world did she do wrong?” Was it her carelessness in seeking attention for her art? Or was it her lack of “entertainment value” to Shougo? There might be a clue in his Shakespearean eulogy, but I don’t see a connection other than a macabre tribute to her death. Anyway, although I didn’t pity Ouryou much at the end, I did see her calling her father as pitiable. There was a desperate mood then, but Masaoka’s remark that she was “sociable” makes it depressing as well. Here’s a murderer frantically calling the only person dear (but dead) to her, totally ignoring all the supposed friends she has made. It’s really a pitiable way for a “pity-less”, twisted and despised loner to go.

In other news, I KNEW that English-looking dude talking with Shougo earlier was bad news! He’s got this twisted modus operandi of hunting down his “game”.  Still, if his M.O. was this twisted, I wonder what’s his past like. Brr…

Tokyo’s Finest…or Not

“It’s Kou, Kou the Invincible.”

I really am disappointed with Team InspectForcers this time. Not only did they fail to identify the culprit (until Kou the Invincible came along), they let her get away! And all this with a supposedly invincible Pyscho Pass system!

Thankfully, the culprit is identified by Akane and Kou the Invincible. It was more of Akane following the latter’s leads though, one of which takes them to a creepy artist. I’ve liked Psycho Pass’ subtle world-building so far, and this episode is no exception. The visit provides an obvious view of life for unfortunate latent criminals, but I was intrigued by what the artist had to say about “harmful art”.

Apparently, art censorship is quite rife in the world of Psycho Pass. Kou the Invincible even says that keeping an archive of it is illegal! I’ve got a gut feeling that this is being justified through the Sybil/Psycho Pass system. Any art (paintings, lit or music) deemed “harmful” to the Psycho Pass hues of citizens can be banned. It may seem logical, but I think it’s waaaay draconian. Moreover, this crackdown on avenues of expression and stress release might’ve even lead to the invention of “stress care”. Heck, this stifling of art may have destroyed Ouryou’s father’s career too! Wow, with all this negative side-effects, it’s a wonder the system is still standing!

All in all, this episode had a disappointing conclusion, but I see things picking up  since Shougo’s “acquainted” with Kou the Invincible already. Here’s to a thrilling showdown between the not so black-and-white duo.