Not much to say here except for a huge sorry for missing out on a charming show like Hidamari. (>_<) Well, enough talk. Let’s see what the gang’s been up to!


Hiro mulls over her future away from Hidamari and gets depressed over it. Thankfully, Yoshinoya and Sae help her get back on her feet and look forward to the future again. I could relate to Hiro a bit. Mulling over what to do in the future and soon-to-be distant friends/classmates, that was quite a trying time. In fact, I’m not even sure I’m out of that phase yet…

Ep 7-Posters and Old Friends

Miyako, will you ever stop being such a riot? I loved her antics and reactions throughout the episode. Her 3D drawing was as oddball as ever, but I wonder if it really worked with the glasses? Anyway, Yuno’s father being such an “enthusiastic” supporter of his daughter really surprised me. You rarely see parents in anime, and such vocal ones at that!

Yuno meeting up with Arisawa was rather tame in comparison, but it did make me think wistfully about my past (yet again). Having a bro (or rather “sis”, but that sounds weird) for life really sounds nice, huh? Bah, enough with that. Arisawa seems like a really nice friend to hang around with, even if she is a little odd. Her looks don’t hurt, either. =) I wonder how the both of them met? I don’t recall seeing her much around promo art and the like.

Ep 8-Festival Horror

Mostly fluff here, but it was still fun to watch! The haunted house was a bit sparse on variety, but it sure was funny! The gang’s reaction to Miyako’s surprise parting gift was quite hilarious! Wait, that isn’t what a haunted house is supposed to do…right?

On a side note, for some reason, Miyuki Sawashiro as Mami (Madoka le gasp!) was really a treat to listen to. Maybe it’s her sweet voice or unique accent, but her VA’ing really made an impression on me.

Ep 9-Game of Hidamari

Oyasan (speak of the devil-it’s Sawashiro voice as well!) joins the gang in a “Game of Hidamari”. Hilarity ensues.

In my opinion, this is hands down one of the best episodes of Hidamari Honeycomb. There’s the whole gang, a rarely-seen cast member, tons of jokes and also a “life lesson” as well. A perfect storm of sunshine, I say!

Being art students, the gang thinks up a brilliant idea to “personalize” the board game a bit. From “events” to “jobs”, they just go wild! Man, I’d really love to try something like this with my friends or relatives someday!

Oyasan was also quite the guest star too. I wonder why the gang’s so curious about her job? Doesn’t she work as a pizza delivery-woman? If so, she must’ve went on quite a few rounds to afford the Hidamari apartments.

Hm? The obligatory life lesson of the episode, you say? Er…there was somestuff about dreaming big and not giving up on dreams? Bah, I’m no good at vague stuff…

Top 3

1. Nyan to you too!

When I started watching Hidamari, Sae seemed like the bookwormish and serious type. Of course, she does have her funny moments with partner-in-crime Hiro, but she’s usually level-headed. But this time, we get to see her embarrass herself completely with the cat voice. I expected her to just say “nyan” all the way, but her “nyan-fying” words was still comical. Does anyone know why she’s a bit embarrassed around her sister though? I found that a cute but a bit weird.


Overall, the Game of Life is fun but the most fun is definitely choosing your “job”. I nearly laughed my guts out when Nazuna became the first female Prime Minister of Japan! Her meek nature is definitely not suited for the (currently) chauvinistic and hostile world of Japanese politics.  On the other hand, Nori’s successful freeter career was a riot! Her dumbstruck reaction when she got the “job” was just priceless. For those who want to know, “freeters” are “people (usually youths) who lack full-time employment or are unemployed” (Wikipedia). So, without a steady job, Nazuna became a millionaire. XD

 3. Tofu (*nudge nudge, wink wink*)

This was funny for me not just because of the silly Tofu, but because of the language behind it too: Miyako literally says that tofu’s legs’ are fast! So when the running tofu came up, it all came together really well.

Well, that’s enough Hidamari for now. Tune in next week to see if I manage to stem the tide of procrastination and bring some Hidamari sunshine to Sekijitsu!