Our favourite couple confess their love to each other, only to stumble into their first serious argument. Meanwhile, family drama threatens to drag Rikka completely out of her chuunibyou phase. In the end, a suspenseful cliffhanger looms…

The Chuuni Missile Crisis

Yuuta really is a pitiful guy. Right after confessing his love to Rikka, he gets entangled in the final dilemma: should he let Rikka deal with reality through chuunuibyou or should he force her to face reality for the sake of her family?

Personally, while I understand Touka’s reasons, I still have a gut feeling that she’s going about this all wrong. Maybe it’s because of the sudden request to Yuuta or that she unwittingly drove a wedge between our lovers. But I think it’s mainly because she still assumes that Rikka is oblivious to everything. Rikka IS aware of the going-ons around her and can tell when things get serious (see the Maths showdown). And remember the moment at the shrine when her delusions failed her? They ARE definitely crumbling, but slowly.  Touka’s plan would just demolish her fragile confidence completely and leave her a broken shell.

And the question remains: after the “success” we saw, will we see a Rikka moving in a negative direction?

Seeing as it’s a rom-com and KyoAni hasn’t pulled a Madoka yet, I predict that she’ll go through a complete breakdown/slump in the next episode while avoiding Yuuta. In the last episode, things will improve and she might even regain her chuunibyou side, albeit toned down a bit. Once the finale arrives, cue happy ending. What do you guys think?

Anyway, back to Touka. Except for her going to Italy, she still hasn’t changed her position since the showdown a few episodes ago! Has she even discussed things with Rikka after that night? I know she wants to keep her “image” and that she has a rocky relationship with her sister at best, but this is serious business! Knowing Rikka’s shield of delusions though, maybe I’m being a bit too hard on the concerned older sister…

Plus, her logic does have some strong arguments. If Yuuta keeps allowing Rikka to use chuunibyou when she wants to deny reality, how will she survive in adult society? Plus, wouldn’t continuing a hoax with the Etheral Horizon and her father be cruel? What would happen if her illusions get shattered one day? Judging from the missing Wicked Eye in the last scene, I guess we’ll find out soon enough…

Up till now, I thought of Rikka’s mother as a cold woman who left her family when it needed her the most. But when I watched her hand over a handmade bento to Yuuta, I nearly kicked myself for those hasty assumptions. I’d forgotten that Rikka would hide under her delusions, building a wall against this totally changed mother of hers after her father’s death. To Rikka, the only family she knew was the one before her father’s death. So, count me dumb for jumping to conclusions yet again… (=_=”)

Deko’s still comedy gold, as always. =)

As for the humor in this episode, it worked really well by lightening the tension. The best was definitely Yuuta giving Isshiki a combo takedown for being too touchy-feely. XD What was yours?

Well, after all that tension and DRAMA, how will the two make their way to the promised happy ending? Please share your thoughts and musings about this episode below.

Think About-!

Why does Rikka finally buckle and remove her evil eye?

I think it’s because Yuuta-her one supporter all this time-finally told her to. Remember, they just confessed their love to each other too. So, would you follow what a trusted person tells you to do? I think yes.

What is that stone?

Beats me. Perhaps an heirloom from her dear father? I can definitely see that being the case.