I’ve returned from my month-long NaNoWriMo hiatus (with only half a novel) and a new project to take on! I haven’t watched the latest episodes of yet, but I am planning to drop the series in order to blog about something I love much more, and that is fanart. Come on, there doesn’t seem to be a comeback from Misaki and Saruhiko, and so my viewing has dwindled slightly. Plus, I’m making sure that I’ll have time to watch season 5 of Hetalia! Those new character designs are beyond gorgeous. Whatever the case is, it is my honor to introduce you to one of the most talented artists I have found, redjuice! If his art looks familiar, it’s because he’s the character designer/official artist for Guilty Crown (who would’ve known? That art is beautiful, no matter how horrible the plot.) His art is just brimming with sharp detail and vibrant colors that it’s hard to really take in the full brevity of his artwork. Here, I’ll show you some of my favorites and hopefully, you’ll see what he’s one of pixiv’s most popular artists. (All images are clickable – click for full size!)

I suppose I’ll start off the discussion with redjuice’s connection with Guilty Crown. If you downloaded/bought any of EGOIST’s albums, you’ll notice the gorgeous album art – done by redjuice. In fact, he was the original character designer for Guilty Crown, but I bet that animators would have a field day trying to animate every last bit of redjuice’s spectacular art. Nevertheless, Guilty Crown’s animation is already very impressive so I think redjuice’s art is best left in its true form and not in an anime style. You’ll notice that he enjoys drawing Inori a lot, but redjuice once mentioned that Tsugumi’s cat ears were actually his decision, and because the animating team didn’t have any objections to it, he left his own personal touch in the anime. Nevertheless, Guilty Crown‘s  character designs really are impressive and redjuice’s creativity really does shine through in them – plus, he really knows his mecha.

What strikes me most about redjuice’s art is how vibrant and realistic his characters are. Though I lean towards his painted and anime-styled art more, you can find a lot of great realistic art on redjuice’s pixiv as well. Whatever the case is, he really knows how to make art pop and his shading is especially impressive, taking away the flat quality that many other artists have. Even if the character designs and elegant anatomy don’t sway you, the backgrounds he creates for his art are eye-popping and colorful. Whether it’s modern deco-art or a mirror-like surface, redjuice knows how to pair characters with settings and doesn’t make it too clashing for the eyes. If anything, redjuice really knows how to pair colors and patterns together nicely.

If I had any one criticism on redjuice’s art, it would be that his own art style is too volatile. He can’t just stick to one style; one day he creates this beautiful, vibrant piece  that’s full of life, the next he goes back to flat cell-shading and a different anatomy. Then again, he may just be playing around with new styles and it certainly boosts his creativity credentials, but it just made finding artwork suitable for this post that much harder. Plus, he really likes drawing busty, slightly lesbian girls – but I guess all male artists do, in some way. Even so, redjuice is one of those artists who’s skill is so high up into the stratosphere you can’t help but admire him. Check out his gallery for more of his work!

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