A creepy stare actually means “I like you” in Cyborgese.

The creepy “hunter” Senguji explains his M.O. while Akane takes a lesson in profiling with a jaded academic; she later learns of Ginoza’s painful past with his latent criminal father.

First off, we have a familiar killer for this arc-Senguji. He was a twisted hunter last week, but this loony nut really took the prize this time for carving bone smoking pipes from his victims. His motive for killing is apparently the “thrill of the hunt”. Compared with Mido and Ouryou who derive joy after murder, he savors the emotions that come while hunting someone down. With a lack of empathy and a twisted desire to hunt, it’s no wonder Shougo chose to associate himself with Senguji (the latter doesn’t seem strapped for cash and resources). Based on their familiarity, he has had a long “shelf life” with Shougo. However, now that the spotlight’s on him, we’ll see how long it lasts…

>Creepy serial killer flags triggered. Response?

Besides his hunting addiction, Senguji also has a nihilistic view towards the human body-seeing it as a barrier to (his) happiness. Although I disagree with that because it’s simply way too drastic, I did agree with his other statements about science and humanity. If you think about it, all technology is meant to expand our capabilities. From cavemen to farmers to CEO’s, technology has touched millions of people. But, as Senguji himself says: “It’s just a matter of what degree. Still, there’s a difference between entrusting your bodily functions to machines and entrusting tasks to machine, no? If your body fails, you’d be dead. On the other hand, if your PC failed, you’d probably only suffer temporary setbacks. I think Senguji’s trying to pull the public’s leg by equating himself with the common (wo)man. What did you think of his cyborg views?


Later in the show, we got to see Akane learning from criminal profiling expert Saiga Jouji. He’s very skilled if he could use just her name, occupation, looks and mannerisms to gleam that much info. He’s almost like Sherlock Holmes, just without a wider breath of knowledge.

Anyway, his exile from the system explains why “useless” techniques are absent from Psycho-Pass. As Sybil was being implemented, tertiary education was eventually phased out and traditional methods like profiling were abandoned. The wonderful irony is when Shougo destroys all the video archives in Ouryou’s school. The police have depended so much on tech like Dominators and digital video that they have neglected techniques like profiling, so much so that Akane has to visit a disgraced lecturer for lessons. They took one step forward only to take two back, huh?

OF COURSE, what with that obstructive fringe!

Later on, Masaoka gave us a glimpse into Ginoza’s painful past, debunking a theory I saw floating around that Masaoka was Gino’s father.  Overall, the reveal was anticlimactic since I expected more of a fuss from Gino, but at least we see another side to Kougami’s “helpfulness”. Do you think Kou’s trying to use Akane for his vendetta? I mean, he’s been nice to her all this time, but I’ve had a gut feeling from the beginning that their relationship will end badly sooner or later. Maybe I was right?

His smile KILLS.

In the end, this episode was another world-building affair with minor reveals about the cast. It’s not the most action-packed yet, but it was quite informative. Wonder if Senjugi will last the three-episode record Ouryou set? XD