Snow falls at Hidamari while everyone prepares for exams in their own way. Meanwhile, Sae’s sister Chika comes to pay a visit.

Besides inventing an awesome study method called “Snow Fight Studying”, the Miyako-Yuno duo become poets for a day too (Miyako does most of the work though). Man, I really want to touch real snow instead of the cheap and hard “snow” we have in winter simulators around here. How does it feel like to get pelted by one, I wonder? Does it feel like ice-cream fresh out of the freezer? Or is it more of a shaved ice texture?

And isn’t it weird that Miyako knew what was happening around the apartments to make poems? I wonder if she just took some very lucky stabs… I’m also a bit curious about whether the translations are accurate. From what little I know, there were some slight differences. Hm…I think I better fix my basic grammar first before moving on to complex poems, huh?

Just after the meowing fiasco, Sae’s sister Chika appears for the first time this season. My first impression was that she was more open and casual than her straight-laced older sister. Other than that, she’s very similar with her older sibling in that she cares a lot, but hides it a lot. Like oneechan, like imouto, I guess.

Top 3 Scenes

1. Hidamari Cheer Squad

I liked it because the cheer was so earnest and energetic. You can feel the encouragement for the seniors Hiro and Sae just oozing out of this scene.

2. Snowball Studying

Not only was it a bold-faced lie to the (skeptical?) principal, it was quite a creative way to study tenses as well. Now, to find snow and a willing test subj-I mean, willing partner…

3. Clash of the Sisters

It’s not big on jokes, but I like the appearance of such rare scenes in slice-of-life shows. In the few slice-of-life shows I’ve watched, the focus is rarely on family. So, this was a nice surprise. Plus, I liked the mild tension when Chika blew her top.

Not a gut-busting episode, but I enjoyed the Chika and Sae conversation a lot. Here’s to next week’s episode. =)

P.S. I’ll be offline for a week, so expect my posts to run a bit late. Sorry if I seem to be slacking. I hope to make it up to you all by next Tuesday. Till then, keep up the otaku spirit! =)