It’s Umizi here, bringing to you this week’s Fanart Fanatic! This week, I’ll be indulging a little bit and covering one of my favorite artists, 多英子! (Her name reads as “Ta Eiko,” but I’ll be referring to her with her pixiv name for this post.) What I like about 多英子 is that you can clearly tell what series she’s currently interested in from looking at the type of art she posts. Not only that, but the colors she uses pop so nicely and the style she uses is one that I personally enjoy most. I especially like the way she draws hair – it’s just so silky and shiny that even characters with the plainest of designs look so much more beautiful. Her design concepts are also really unique  – not to mention that she tends to draw art from my favorite series. Keep on scrolling to view more of Umizi’s eye-candy obsessions! (All images are clickable – click for full size!)

I’ll start out with how I discovered 多英子’s art – remember how I was obsessed (and still am) with Hetalia a while back? It turns out that 多英子 is an artist for many Nico Nico Douga MAD’s (which are fan-made videos) and sometimes, she also illustrates Vocaloid PV’s (promotional videos, but bascially, they’re just music videos). It takes a lot of dexterity to churn out so many illustrations to fit a 3 minute video, which is something I quite admire 多英子 for, but the emotion that she puts through in her videos is amazing too. She drew a Denmark x Norway PV for Megurine Luka’s Just Be Friends, and I cannot even fathom how she makes me tear up every time I watch that video. So basically, her Hetalia fanart is amazing. It’s beautiful – especially her illustrations of the Nordic Five. She just draws them to be extremely attractive. I am being totally unbiased right now.

If you go on her website, you’ll discover that 多英子 is a doujin artist – many of her artworks are in fact, covers for her doujin. Not that I’m complaining, of course – from the previews itself, I’m already sobbing my feels at the Denmark x Norway and (what seems to be) the Izaya x Namie one. Plus, she tends to go for the more melancholy aspects of a relationship and draw them out so that you’re dying for them to get together and it’s like a cheesy Notebook movie but with your favorite anime characters. I guess that means 多英子 isn’t just an amazing artist, but an spectacular writer as well. She has an original comic in development, and it truly does show off her skill of illustrative nuance. But whatever the case is, her shiny, sparkly coloring and sleek lineart matches incredibly well with the flat and modern backgrounds – when you have this treatment done on your favorite characters, 多英子’s art really is a sight to behold. Check the gallery for more of your favorite characters drawn by 多英子!

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