Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai [Ep 11]

capture-20121218-233437 Rikka and Yuuta’s relationship ebbs into an uncomfortable low and hits rock bottom dramatically at a familiar train station. Finally, the former leaves for her father’s grave. Will love triumph? Sorry for being late! My PC time was severely restricted for the past week, but I’ll catch up on the other shows by tomorrow. Hope you enjoy this post! Wow, just…wow.

Topping even the “dark history” reveal, this episode was just packed with emotions. Apathy, sadness, regret, anger-it’s a tragedy fest! Let’s start with Rikka. Ever since ripping out her beloved eyepatch, she’s lost her zest and happiness. Moping about timidly, fighting her chuunibyou urges and generally being depressed-how far will she drop? Really far apparently, as long as it’s for her family and Yuuta.


I think this scene perfectly illustrates a core theme in the series. What must we give up as we grow into adulthood?

Now, will it be worth it? Is Rikka’s happiness worth less than that of the people calling her to change? For me, it’s a definite no for both. No longer the bright, energetic and imaginative teen, she’s totally different without her chuunibyou. This isn’t what it means to “become an adult”! Leaving behind your  dreams (and fantasies) to become a pale shadow of your former self may please others but not your own conscience. And that brings up another question too: is the chuunibyou Rikka the “true” Rikka? Or is she the timid girl we see in this episode? Could it be that she’s actually a mix of both? And why should the “adult” way be the only way to deal with loss, grief and loneliness? A variety of cultures have their own unique ways of dealing with death, so why not people? I think that however noble the Takanashi family’s intentions might be, their method is quite narrow-minded. Not only does it remove Rikka’s only source of comfort, it doesn’t even take her wishes into consideration! capture-20121219-000334 Besides that, Yuuta was also lying to himself and Rikka. He certainly didn’t seem comfortable with the plan, following through with forced smiles. Even though he did “what’s best” for Rikka, he’s found out just how much damage he did to their relationship from Dekomori (whose seiyuu gave a splendid performance). Rikka needs unconditional love and a person who will stick by her side in the worst of times. Sadly, not only does Yuuta set “conditions”, he leaves her to face the final nail in her chuunibyou coffin-her father’s grave-alone. capture-20121218-235908 Dekomori and Shinka really shone in this episode as key supporting characters. Perhaps to compensate for Rikka’s dullness, Dekomori unleashed a whole range of emotions from surprise, desperation and finally heart-breaking despair. I almost couldn’t take it when Dekomori let loose the floodgates. Behind all the drama though, you can tell that Dekomori values her chuunibyou ways and understands what Rikka is going through. She may not have a broken family like Rikka, but Yuuta’s harsh counter exposed just how important these delusions are to her. capture-20121218-233903 Shinka’s also proved herself as the big sister of the group by defusing tensions while keeping a respectful distance. Helping Rikka cope with life without chuunibyou, questioning Yuuta in the library and finally comforting an inconsolable Dekomori; she’s really grown attached to her fellow misfits. And I guess she learned something from the near-miss two episodes ago-she advises Yuuta, but leaves them to solve things on their own. Apologies Ms. Shinka, I guess you’re a good-hearted person beneath that schizo act after all. In fact, she nearly stole the episode by bringing her friendship with Dekomori full circle. You know that scene where she drags Deko out and finally hugs her? It looks like all the animosity that marked their first and subsequent meetings has slowly blossomed into friendship. I think anyone with a human heart will find that heart-warming and memorable in this episode of gloom. (T_T) capture-20121218-234947 Curse you for your lack of previews, KyoAni! I’m so excited for the finale to this season’s premier rom-com and they won’t even tease it… Ah well, it’s been an amazing ride so far and I’m pretty sure that KyoAni will deliver a happy finish to Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! Short remarks, counter-arguments and alternative viewpoints-I’d love to hear what you think of this post, no matter how brief. And don’t worry, I’ll work hard to answer within 24 hours. =) Apologies in advance if I don’t. XD


  • Dekomori and Shinka have been great comic relief up till now, but you could see the change when Shinka took care of her on the train. The scene of Shinka dragging Dekomori out was heartbreaking, and then it was totally moving when Shinka hugged her. Shinka ranks at the top of the list of characters that I had typecast in one direction that has turned out to be something entirely different. Just thinking about that scene moves me.

    The end scene at the train with Yuuta and Dekomori was almost as affecting. Yuuta's anger at Dekomori was as much directed at himself. Her "I know!" was proof that her actions weren't because she just wanted to keep playing with Rikka, but because she saw that Rikka had been "broken" in spirit and was desperate to bring her back to the friend that she loved. If Rikka had been happy without her Chuuni, I think Dekomori would have been sad but would have accepted it.

    What is your opinion of Touka's actions in this episode? Some people think she's shirked her responsibilities to her sister and put it all on Yuuta. I'm more of the opinion that she had reached the end of her rope and using Yuuta was the only thing she could think to do. Oh, and Rikka hugging Touka while calling Onee-chan at least was a step in the right direction for Rikka even if there are still problems.

    • Likewise, I'd pinned Shinka as a pretty airhead who'd eventually fall for Yuuta. Her sudden switch to cynical ex-chuunibyou was quite a shock when it happened. I started to dislike her then because of her two-faced nature. Thankfully, KyoAni managed to develop her into a hilarious support character that grows and learns throughout the series. Sure it's a rom-com, but I'm very happy that she wasn't a one-note joke all the way. To Shinka! As for poor Kumin…*sigh*

      Yup, it really tears both their hearts to see Rikka hit the lowest point so hard. Although both of them had their moments, I was more awestruck at Dekomori's ourburst. Instead of being flashy while hiding behind fantasies, she just comes clean with her thoughts and emotions.

      I'm with you on Touka but only up to a certain point. She's done what she can with Rikka and has the right to focus on her bright career. Still, Yuuta seems like the victim here. If he goes along with Rikka, the latter's future might be uncertain and her broken familial relationship will remain. If he goes the other way…well, we've seen plenty of that during this episode. =(

      All in all, I think Touka did the right thing in asking for help, but a little more support (or at least scenes of support) would have been better imo.

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