Kana.(kwbr32).full.378036Christmas, as well as the possible end of the world, is right around the corner, so I’m going to celebrate by featuring another one of my favorite artists. This time around, it’s going to be 仮名, whose name reads as “Kana,” that I will be discussing today. My reasons for picking her? She’s got a very modern style, and though her drawings are more flat and less detailed than those of redjuice, she’s got a charm and whimsical personality in her characters and her artwork that it’s difficult to not notice her. She likes drawing lineups, or just plotless images with clothing designs, and though there’s not much context in her images, there’s certainly a lot of spunk. (All images are clickable – click for full size!)

Vocaloid.full.315460A good deal of 仮名’s work are original character designs or rather generic people images, so most of her fanart focuses around Vocaloid and rarely, some K-On! She’ll draw some art from Vocaloid songs, such as Panda Hero, or she’ll just doodle and color in one of the characters. Though the way she draws the characters are very interesting and give them persona, her true skill can be reflected in her character designs. They pack so much personality and zest, you could think of backstories for all of them, even though you don’t know anything about them except for their appearance. Also, the clothes they wear are absolutely gorgeous, and definitely worth staring at and appreciating.


Something you may have noticed about 仮名’s style is how flat and rather plain it is – though some may find this boring, I think it adds to the charm of her work. She uses a rather monochromatic and pastel-colored palette, giving most of her designs a more washed-out look, but it lets her add in a lot of fancy linework and detail, which I think it a compromise worth making. Her art pops out in a different way than those of artists who lean towards a more shadow and shading-based art, but it pops out in a way that still absolutely amazing. Plus, a lot of her work, comprised of high school students, are slightly relatable in a way, perhaps in their posture and their facial expressions. It just adds a sense of familiarity to everything. Sometimes, simplicity is key.

Check out the gallery for more of 仮名’s work!


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