Kougami falls into “hunter” Senguji’s trap and barely manages to escape. Unfortunately, Makishima holds Akane’s friend (who was also “game” for Senguji) hostage. Akane finds Sybil useless as Makishima’s Psycho Pass hue doesn’t even flinch as he taunts and finally kills his hostage.

Death of the Hunter

How can she be that composed?

How can she be that composed?

Senguji’s only remarkable trait was his physical and mental inhumanity. So when he died at the hands of a sneaky Kougami, I didn’t feel much (ironic, huh?). The memory of his first taste of blood was quite chilling, but his low (visible) body-count made him less intimidating. On the other hand, when the Public Security Bureau robot couldn’t identify Senguji, I was really shocked. Here we have a supposedly “infallible” system that can’t even tell friend from foe, meaning Makishima’s managed to hack the police’s systems to get away scot-free. Just how talented is this freak? Oh, wait…



This was the main  point of the entire Senguji arc-to reveal the invincible Makishima. Manipulating everyone and everything to suit his whims, he finally kills Akane’s friend after being disappointed with her “failure”.

Honestly, I got caught off guard here. I knew he had a way to bypass Sybil, but I expected it to be through technology or mere bribery/manipulation. Turns out, the guy’s a walking anti-Sybil system! Combined with his intellect, cunning and heartlessness, that makes him almost god-like in the world of Psycho Pass. I’m quite curious about how he became like this. Was it just dumb biological luck like he said? Or is there something more sinister behind his “talent”. I’m leaning more into the latter camp since the other theory is just too bland.

And speaking of conspiracies, what do you think of an army of Makishimas? If my second hunch comes true, perhaps he might seek to repeat his  own“success” with other people. Or worse, others might find out about Sybil’s bug and spread fear among the populace-clouding up the Psycho Passes of the masses! In any case, that’s strike 50(?) for Sybil, the ever-“infallible” ally for your local homicidal maniac. XD

On a side note, I wonder what caused the government in Psycho Pass to set these locks on the guns? I’m think it was because of accountability and safety. And hey, if you’re going to micromanage people’s lives and careers, why not the police’s only tool to stop criminals?


As for Akane our hapless heroine, she looks really shook up…no, more like shattered. She’s a pretty tough gal, but how will she deal with this personal trauma? Will she descend into latent criminality like Kou? Or will she use her unusually strong Psycho Pass to seek justice/vengeance? It’ll probably be the second just because it’s more interesting. Sorry Akane, we can’t let you off the hook yet. =(

Phew, I barrel-ly got away back there!

“Phew, I barrel-ly got away back there!”

Besides our heroine, team Sybil also has the INVINCIBLE (not just “invincible” like Makishima) Kou with his deductive and combat skills. I wasn’t that impressed with the deductions at all though-they were way too quick and convenient. Granted, he’s experienced and INVINCIBLE, but c’mon-I want some mistakes and growth!



Ginoza’s also losing his iron-fisted control over the team thanks to Akane’s spunk. I’d like to see him change himself more though. All he’s done is glare, brood and act like a jerk to everyone except Kou and his boss.

Well, now that the team (or just Akane) has bitten on Makishima’s bait, who will win in this battle of restrictive guns and twisted talents? Tune in next this week!



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