Psycho-Pass [10-11]


Kougami falls into “hunter” Senguji’s trap and barely manages to escape. Unfortunately, Makishima holds Akane’s friend (who was also “game” for Senguji) hostage. Akane finds Sybil useless as Makishima’s Psycho Pass hue doesn’t even flinch as he taunts and finally kills his hostage.

Death of the Hunter

How can she be that composed?

How can she be that composed?

Senguji’s only remarkable trait was his physical and mental inhumanity. So when he died at the hands of a sneaky Kougami, I didn’t feel much (ironic, huh?). The memory of his first taste of blood was quite chilling, but his low (visible) body-count made him less intimidating. On the other hand, when the Public Security Bureau robot couldn’t identify Senguji, I was really shocked. Here we have a supposedly “infallible” system that can’t even tell friend from foe, meaning Makishima’s managed to hack the police’s systems to get away scot-free. Just how talented is this freak? Oh, wait…



This was the main  point of the entire Senguji arc-to reveal the invincible Makishima. Manipulating everyone and everything to suit his whims, he finally kills Akane’s friend after being disappointed with her “failure”.

Honestly, I got caught off guard here. I knew he had a way to bypass Sybil, but I expected it to be through technology or mere bribery/manipulation. Turns out, the guy’s a walking anti-Sybil system! Combined with his intellect, cunning and heartlessness, that makes him almost god-like in the world of Psycho Pass. I’m quite curious about how he became like this. Was it just dumb biological luck like he said? Or is there something more sinister behind his “talent”. I’m leaning more into the latter camp since the other theory is just too bland.

And speaking of conspiracies, what do you think of an army of Makishimas? If my second hunch comes true, perhaps he might seek to repeat his  own“success” with other people. Or worse, others might find out about Sybil’s bug and spread fear among the populace-clouding up the Psycho Passes of the masses! In any case, that’s strike 50(?) for Sybil, the ever-“infallible” ally for your local homicidal maniac. XD

On a side note, I wonder what caused the government in Psycho Pass to set these locks on the guns? I’m think it was because of accountability and safety. And hey, if you’re going to micromanage people’s lives and careers, why not the police’s only tool to stop criminals?


As for Akane our hapless heroine, she looks really shook up…no, more like shattered. She’s a pretty tough gal, but how will she deal with this personal trauma? Will she descend into latent criminality like Kou? Or will she use her unusually strong Psycho Pass to seek justice/vengeance? It’ll probably be the second just because it’s more interesting. Sorry Akane, we can’t let you off the hook yet. =(

Phew, I barrel-ly got away back there!

“Phew, I barrel-ly got away back there!”

Besides our heroine, team Sybil also has the INVINCIBLE (not just “invincible” like Makishima) Kou with his deductive and combat skills. I wasn’t that impressed with the deductions at all though-they were way too quick and convenient. Granted, he’s experienced and INVINCIBLE, but c’mon-I want some mistakes and growth!



Ginoza’s also losing his iron-fisted control over the team thanks to Akane’s spunk. I’d like to see him change himself more though. All he’s done is glare, brood and act like a jerk to everyone except Kou and his boss.

Well, now that the team (or just Akane) has bitten on Makishima’s bait, who will win in this battle of restrictive guns and twisted talents? Tune in next this week!



Short remarks, counter-arguments and alternative viewpoints-I’d love to hear what you think of this post, no matter how brief. And don’t worry, I’ll work hard to answer within 24 hours. =) Apologies in advance if I don’t. XD

  1. zleihsh 3 years ago

    It is interesting how Makishima creates these "unpredictability" just to see human's real nature. Through fear, the fear for their lives, his last 2 victims' true nature is revealed: Faced with imminent death, Midou, the “Tomato Smoothie”, revealed his true self and took solace in his avatars. Our Ladykiller, Ouryou, although a more complex character,(all she want is revenge for her dad and herself against the society) in her final minutes,trapped and bleeding, she pulled out her phone and tried to call none other than her already deceased father. This was her true nature

    I know "fear" is not the only method to do so, but still choose "fear" just make me feel sad/pathetic for Makishima. It is like he never (at lease I did not see any) receive/give anything positive, or may be he just hopelessly in love with cruelty, savagery, and all the worst aspects of human nature. But there is also the probability that he may give up on these human under Sybil.

    In the anime it shows clearly that Sybil is the one that judge if the target should be shot or not, the human holding the Dominator just allow the Sybil judgement. In other words the Inspector (I think that's what they called) never had any chance/experience to actually judge/weight the life of a human. This is why Akane can not just "shoot" because the weight of a life is just that "heavy".

    The system also show dehumanization. I mean once you push the trigger, the criminal cess to be a human and become just a dangerous "thing/beast/object" that should be get-rid of. It is like in Video Game, where you shoot the target just to eliminated someTHING. So, as Makishima put it, the only time in this system when you truly use your “free-will” is when you are a criminal.

    I like how the anime hit us (emotionally) right at the moment it mattered most. It’s about Akane’s feeling of utter uselessness without the Dominator making the decision for her. It was one of those perfect moments of ramping tension where I only realised once it had ended that I hadn’t breathed for the entire thing. The point where he slit her throat made my entire body wince and contract. I assum this is how Gen wishes us a Merry Christmas.

    • Author
      Yippy 3 years ago

      Y'know, after reading your comments about fear and "true" human nature, I immediately thought of the "The Dark Knight"'s Joker. They share the same fascination with the dark side of humanity, no?

      Yup, Makishima is, pardon my French, a cold-hearted scumbag who only thinks of his "grand experiments" while forgetting that they are also human. Scratch that "also", he's not fit to be called one after what he did. Still, his methods and skill are terrifyingly effective, so I have to credit him for at least that.

      Yup, Sybil has numbed the senses of the Inspectors. Instead of taking a life themselves when it becomes necessary, the system has taken over that role and reduced them to mere spectators/tools. I wonder, just what were they thinking by not equipping the cops with a secondary weapon? If Sybil goes nuts and you had a gun (with training) to lay down the law, this tragedy could have been averted.

      That's an interesting way at looking at Makishima's ramblings. I thought they were slightly loony, but now that I think about it it does make sense. He wants to be a "savior" who jolts the masses out of their Sybil-induced apathy. It's just that his methods are way to extreme…or maybe not…

      Likewise, it was a tense affair throughout that scene. I wouldn't call it the best (the dense philosophical ramblings were distracting), but it sure is a very amazing scene. Loved the setting and coloring too.

      Merry Christmas zleish, thanks for taking your time with your comment. It was really insightful. =)

  2. zleihsh 3 years ago

    You are welcome, I am glad you like it. I just hope they are not too LONG. ^_^

    I never got the chance to see "The Dark Knight" so can't say much about it. LOL

    I wonder if any of the Inspectors had any education/real-life training w/ the "lay down the law"? I know they practice/participate in fallowing the law, a.k.a. Sybil, but they never execute the said Law. It is like when Sybil says, "go left" and the Inspectors go left, but none of them think (or can think) that may be go right could go to the same destination w/ a short-cut.

    The system likely don't want the Inspectors' mind become corrupted and "have the mind of a 'cop' or "criminal" in this case, and become someone like Kougami. Still he is USEFUL!!

    Makishima probably saw this and want to change this? Gash, I made him sound like a good-guy. 0_0!

    • Author
      Yippy 3 years ago

      Naw, I like long comments-they give me more content to dissect and discuss about. =)

      It's a great film. The Joker has a similar agenda to reveal the dark side of humanity like Makishima. However, he does this through twisted social experiments and mass chaos. On the other hand, Makisima is more subtle, grooming killers and setting them loose.

      I think one of the Enforcers (Masaoka?) mentioned in the first episode that Akane had top honours at the academy for Inspectors, so formal training is definitely provided. But I'm not sure what you mean by "executing the law". Are you saying that Sybil is controlling the Inspectors instead of the other way round?

      Kou and the gang are useful, but there are basically just prisoners under constant watch, sorta like a chain gang.

      Killer's like Makishima will always position themselves as saviors to justify their murders. Rather than view his victims as innocent bystanders, he sees them as a means to achieve his "ambition". He may have some valid points about the apathy in society and the cruelty of the Sybil system, but I take the view that he's just a common criminal seeking to satisfy his own sick whims and "prophecies".

  3. zleihsh 3 years ago

    Now I am interesting in the movie, may be I will check it out. XD

    By "executing the law" I mean the actual "killing" or execution of the criminal. And yes, I think Sybil is controlling the Inspectors, well at least a BIG part of their life. I mean they can't even judge the value of a human w/o a machine anymore. And we know a person' value include how we come in contact w/ him or her and also base on the experience the said person as they changes throughout life. So, by just given a solid value of criminal rating at the age of 5, Masaoka has every right to found it unfair. Like he stated in ep2 (or ep3) toward Akane, too much choice in your life? Gee! How I wish I have your problem!

    • Author
      Yippy 3 years ago

      Ah, I see. So, if I'm not mistaken, you're saying that the Inspectors and Enforces are emotionless and detached when they have to take a life. Is that it?

      Sybil's main flaw is that it is absolute. You're either a criminal, a citizen or just dead meat. Like you said, it doesn't account for changes in the future due to experiences. Instead, it attempts to be an oracle (Sybil means oracle in myths and religions) but fails miserably due to it's uncompromising nature. After all, it is a machine. Or…is it?

      Anyway, Masaoka's the old guy who demanded a rai-I mean defended Akane from Ginzo's savagery. I think you meant Shusei Kagari? Poor guy, I hope they shine the spotlight on him soon. I'd like to see how he dealt with all that crap.

      • zleihsh 3 years ago

        No, I am not saying they are emotionless, it is just that some of them, like Ginoza (did I spell his name right?) follow the Sybil's order to a "t" and forgot there are other factors about human. In ep4, Ginoza’s coin avatar is just awesome. I mean apart from just the inherent amusement that it’s a goddamn coin, there’s the irony that he’s got LIBERTY plastered across his face when his job involves enforcing this totalitarian Orwellian rule [GEE they even give it (book cover, "1984") the scree time!!]—Oh wow, look at that irony! XD

        Yea, I am also curious as to what is "Sybil"? An advance tech like AI? or just a SUPERcomputer? Hmmm……

        LOL Oh sorry, I mean Shusei! LOL what was I think? That's embarrassing. I like Masaoka too, in fact since ep1, this old guy has grown on me. It's like having a experienced (in life) Father/Uncle. But I have a feeling Gen will pug our heart string, in more ways than one way, by having him disappear. T^T Gen, seriously, pick some other people just not him!!! Also RIP Yuki…….

        • Author
          Yippy 3 years ago

          Ah, now I see! You're saying that the Enforcers themselves don't even have a free will in this totalitarian society. And yes, I agree-even the most "elite" of citizens are still slaves to Sybil.

          I'd like to see a "human computer" like the "Hyron Project" in "Deus Ex: Revolution" just for the shock factor, but I've a gut feeling Urobuchi wouldn't be that cruel……would he? XD Here's an explanation:

          Nah, it's ok. With all these anime and all these names to remember, it can get confusing sometimes. XD Anyway, I wouldn't worry about it too much yet. Gen only kills off characters after their epiphany/sappy moment. Masaoka will definitely be fine…until we get to his backstory. =(

          And yes, may the innocent Yuki rest in peace. =(


          Remember Mami (MadoMagi) after her "I HAVE FRENS LOL" scene? Or Tokiomi (Fate/Zero) after his hug with his daughter?

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