Saber has always been my most favourite character in the Fate series mainly because of her stunningly elegant yet bewildering character design. She’s as strong as a lion but has a face of a cub. Yet even so, she’s not a character to be messed with being known as one of the strongest class amongst the others in the Holy Grail War. Although her morals have been judged countless of times by many different characters, I still find myself majestified by her strong-will and especially her Noble Phantasm (“EXU… CALIBUR~!!”). Call my love for Saber purely based on looks, I don’t care because it’s true. In fact, when this figure was released in September 2010, I fell in love with how beautifully sculpted it was that I decided to watch Fate/Stay Night. And thus, my love for Type-Moon began from that very day till now!

Unfortunately, I was never able to buy it back then as it was sold out. Now with a restock, I was finally able to buy one of the most meaningful and significant figures that is symbolic in the shaping of who I am today; and I love it a lot! Although I’m worried that having only a small, metal bar running through her left leg might not be enough to hold such a heavy figure (as it wobbles slightly if you were to move it around). Also since she’s in such a exaggerated pose, her hair and even her armor are fluttering about making the fragility of it questionable. Even so, it looks magnificently gorgeous and it’s definitely a must-have figurine for Saber fans!

Other details of interest listed down below:

Figure: Fate/Stay Night Saber – Triumphant Excalibur – Complete figure

Company: Good Smile Company

Camera: Sony Cyber shot DSC-W150

Model: PVC Pre-painted Complete Figure

Height: 1/7 Scale Approx. 250mm tall (including base)

Price: 7,260 Japanese Yen at AmiAmi

Contents: Figure, Base, Invisible Excalibur, Original Excalibur and ‘Invisible Air’ (sword add-on)

Stability: Medium

Fragility: Medium


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