Ep 11- Yuno and co. help sort out Yoshinoya’s messy artbook collection before meeting her brother, whom they assume is her boyfriend. As Christmas approaches, the Hidamari gang celebrates with an excited but terribly shy Natsume.

Ep 12- The Hidamari Six welcome the New Year with their usual ramblings, musings and an all-nighter at the shrine.

Episode 11

When Yoshinoya pulled out the crude contract for the girls, she once again proved her moe superiority. No one in Hidamari can hold a candle up to her cute and brazen antics! XD In fact, she basically stole most of the episode with her antics. From her rambling wake-up alarm to her “genuine” concern for Yuno and co., I just loved every scene she was in.


However, the bigger star of this episode was Sae’s secret admirer Natsume! As always, she was super-adorable when she acted all tsundere in front of Sae. I especially liked her shock at Sae’s invitation: “WHAT? No buildup!?”. It showed just how much of a romantic Natsume was.

On to the Christmas party, I expected Natsume to be a total stranger, but I guess she must’ve met the gang before. In RL, things can get really awkward when you’re in a party with strangers save for a single friend. Anyway, she handled it quite well and even got into a party mood! No mean feat for a horribly shy girl like her, that’s for sure.

Top 3 (in increasing order)

1. Alarm Clock. That self-aware monologue really got me laughing.

2. Maid apro-HNNNNG

3. Any scenes with Natsume in it. Tsunderes ftw!


Episode 12


This review would’ve been much more moving before New Year’s Day but as long as it’s January, it’s still akemashite omedetou for me!

This episode starts with the gang minus Hiro and Sae (exam tuition) rambling on throughout New Year’s Eve. The “Orange Quiz” by spontaneous Miyako was hilarious with her “…BUT!” face and random questions. If there’s to be a spinoff comedy (as if Hidamari isn’t one already), Miyako will definitely be the main protagonist. She’s lively enough to carry a whole show on her shoulders, along with the Earth too, of course. XD

Other than that, the juniors’ vain attempt to inject “stress” into Hidamari was also a high point for me. Now that I think about it, I’ve never seen a “serious” or angry face from any of the cast for this season…Is it that hard for them to get angry?


Anyway, however hilarious the Hidamari Six may be, the shrine scenes were the most eye-catching part of the whole episode, if not the entire season. If you were wondering why Hidmari had a few derpy scenes, this is the reason. With a budget to spend on glitzy lighting effects, superb sunrise colours and flawless (Natsume) animation, I really enjoyed watching the final send-off to Hidamari’s latest season and the year within.

Top 3 (in increasing order)

1. Miyako’s quiz and her stint as Atlas. Man, she NEVER gets old!






1.5-ish Natsume again!


Final Thoughts

Well, although I’m a fan of slice-of-life shows, Hidamari didn’t really manage to capture me like with other similar shows. I don’t expect much from these sorts of shows, but without a solid goal or theme like music in K-On, Hidamari wavered in its focus. Sure, the characters do get involved with art sometimes, but I think a bigger emphasis on that could’ve helped the show gain some footing and made for some interesting stories.

On the other hand, its loose focus allowed it to showcase relatable jokes and situations from everyday life. From eating familiar food on a faraway holiday to enjoying a board game with friends, Hidamari managed to make me feel like a part of the gang’s antics. It wasn’t over-the-top on the scale of Chuunibyou but a charming look into the lives of six girls, their friends, family, school life and of course, life in general.

If you’re one who appreciates simple plots, likable characters and SHAFT’s unique art styles, then Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb is for you. I didn’t expect much from Hidamari and it did disappoint me sometimes, but in the end, it did entertain me and that’s all that matters, no?

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be hunting down those gorgeous ED fanarts for the remainder of the day, along with moar Miyako and Natsume!!!

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