Cuticle Detective, right from the start, is very loud, in-your-face, and completely ridiculous, opting to completely ignore subtlety in favor of relentlessly screaming joke after joke at you like an obnoxious classmate shaking you by the shoulders and demanding that you laugh. It has all of the potential to be really funny, but it’s just too damn annoying.

Don’t you make those teary uke eyes at me while I’m trying to be negative…!

  • While a lot of the jokes seemed to fall flat, there were a few that made me giggle a bit. Yuuta abandoning Kei to his fate with the gun woman and sealing the detective made me laugh, if only because cute people being assholes is always funny.
  • It seemed like the writers had a lot of good ideas, but the delivery just wasn’t working for me for most of them. Too much shouting and poor timing just kind of ruined a lot of what could have been pretty funny jokes. Like I mentioned before, it’s annoying. Instead of laughing, you find yourself wishing that everybody would just shut up and stop yelling about everything.
  • The episode lacked flow. The fast pacing made it so that the bad jokes seemed to zip on by, but, at the same time, so did the good ones. I appreciate the fact that Cuticle Detective, unlike a lot of comedies, doesn’t milk it’s best jokes out to the point where they aren’t funny anymore, but I think it needs to calm down just a little bit and give the audience some time to breathe.
  • At the very least though, it seems like the show intends to stay fun and lighthearted rather than trying to get too serious or deep. I mean, the main antagonist is a goat (which is actually funnier to me than 90% of the jokes.)

YUUTA щ(ಥДಥщ)

Should you watch this? Eh. Small dogs bark the loudest and crappy comedies scream the most. It’s hardly the worst comedy I’ve ever seen, but I can’t honestly recommend it either unless you’re kind of desperate for something to watch this season (which is understandable since this season is kind of a bust.) You probably wont find yourself laughing too much, but it’s not necessarily boring either or anything. Overall, I’d give it a 5.5/10, but I think it does have potential to get better.

Same, Kei is fucking kawaii.

The fangirls cry out as they prepare to ship everything.