Ore Shura [First Impressions]


yama no susume (1)

Studio: A-1 Pictures, Aniplex

Genre(s): Comedy, Romance, School Life

Episodes: 13

Notable Seiyuu(s): Yukari Tamura, Chinatsu Akasaki, Ai Kayano

OP: “Girlish Lover” by entire female seiyuu cast

ED: Unknown

Summary: Eita enters high school aiming for the National University School of Medicine. Because of his parents’ divorce—and his goal—he shuns anything to do with romance or love. One day, Masuzu, the school beauty with the silver hair who has just returned to the country, enters his life in a most unexpected way. Chiwa, his childhood friend since elementary school, will not let this go without a fight.

First, the good stuff.

Note: Product may differ from promotional illustrations.

Note: Product may differ from promotional illustrations.

Eita’s (and Masuzu’s) anti-love philosophy is quite unique and refreshing. Seeing a male protag in a rom-com who is not obsessed with girls is a rare sight, no? However, I think it’s just a matter of time before we see him hopelessly in love with one of the girls. In any show, something’s gotta happen to the protag’s outlook, right? So naturally, Eita’s got to go from one pole to the other, which means “Anti-Love” to “RABU RABU AISHITERU” within 13 episodes. Still, the “anti-love” concept is something OreShura can boast as its own unique twist, however fleeting it might be. Any other shows with similar protagonists?


Moving on, I thought Chiwa was surprisingly likable for a “genki” girl-an archetype I usually avoid. Her comrades-in-anime usually annoy me with their boundless energy and high-pitched outbursts but Chiwa was different. Instead, she maintained a sense of composure and reality while having an energetic personality. Yeah, she did go all tantrum-y in that one scene, but overall, her portrayal really stuck to me. And to top it all off, her seiyuu Chinatsu Akasaki voiced Shinka from Chuunibyou! Her younger Chiwa voice sounded totally different from Shinka’s mature one until I couldn’t tell the difference!


Loved the little “sparks” of crayon lines leading up to this.

Oh, but the similarities don’t stop there. OreShura’s main plot thrust-“romance” through chuunibyou blackmail-is eerily similar to Chuunibyou’s. Of course, the details and circumstances are very different, but I can’t help but feel disappointed watching the same circumstances unfold again. I’m hoping it changes course or at least mixes things up a little later on.

Speaking of mixing things up, Eita’s parents being divorced was another fine point I noted in OreShura. It’s not something to cheer at, but I’m very piqued at this situation. Instead of having just two obstacles to love (Eita’s personality and his ambitions), his parents’ divorce places another one. This third obstacle is actually the root of the problem, so I’m very interested if they’ll explore this route in the series (I seem to have a fascination with familial themes in romances. Blame it on CLANNAD, I guess).

On the other hand, OreShura’s jokes were below average for a rom-com. Your usual classmate reactions, the cringe-worthy banter between the two “lovers” and Eita’s subdued attitude: there wasn’t much to note about the humor in the show. Masuzu’s entrance also felt kinda flat, her snarky personality making things worse.


BEHOLD, the face of the devil herself!

And about Masuzu, WHAT IS UP WITH THAT GIRL!? Before Eita scratched through her veneer of civility, she was almost a likable character and OreShura was beginning to grow on me as a realistic and relatable show. But I was wrong, horribly wrong. Not only was Masuzu a bi-polar nut with a manipulative streak, her motivations for said manipulations were just a farce. I can’t think of why an anti-love person like her would go ahead and pretend to have a partner. That’s just setting yourself up for romance……or was that the point? Honestly, I don’t know. In any case, OreShura crossed the line into “fantasy” rom-com when she opened her mouth in the park.

Moving on, the fanservice was rather tame, but I have a gut feeling that it will just get worse from here on out. The skirt and leg shots were okay-ish, but the pantsu jab later on just put me off. Call me crazy, but I want my fanservice subtle.


Pros: Tolerable “genki” girl, unusual protag with ambitions/history, anti-love philosophy.

Cons: MASUZU, below-average humor, bland and familiar premise, average art and animation.

Should I Watch This?


Honestly, I want to say yes, but my heart and mind are unanimous: OreShura may have a promising anti-love protagonist, but it won’t be convincing me to recommend it anytime soon. For those of you still reading this, it might be wise to wait until the whole cast is introduced before dropping it. Hey, things can happen, right?


On second thought, make that a hesitant “yes”.

Remarks, counter-arguments and alternative viewpoints-I’d love to hear what you think of this post, no matter how brief. And don’t worry, I’ll work hard to answer within 24 hours. =) Apologies in advance if I don’t. XD


  • Well, I'm not on the same page with you about Chiwa. I found her annoying for some reason and I usually like the childhood friend more than the main girl. The other thing I was irritated about was Masuzu finding Eita's notebook so conveniently. Talk about a plot contrivance. The pretend partner though was to get the other boys off of Masuza's back. She was annoyed by their constant requests for dates. Of course we don't know at this point if that is her real agenda or not. I keep thinking I've seen that plot before but can't remember the show. There's two more girls in the harem, so I'll hold judgement on the show for now. At least it's not his sister after him (yet).

    • Hm…maybe it's her childish personality? I like Chiwa, but I still find it hard to believe that a high schooler would act like that.

      Yup, of all the stuff they could've done, they just had to make it ludicrously convenient. >=( How would you have done the same scene without changing the outcome though, Bear?

      I understand that Masuzu's annoyed and all, but why drag hapless Eita into this? Sure he's a prime candidate with that blackmail folder, but he's just a bystander! I'd pity any unfortunate lad who has to go through the same situation…Btw, what is her agenda? Is she subconsciously looking for affection? Or is this a trick within a trick?

      The three-episode rule rules supreme! Seriously though, shows take time to warm up, OreShura even more so because of its subdued start.

      Haha! Yup, I guess there are some things to be thankful for in life. =D But……what if one of the girls is his long-long sister that got separated through [insert plot contrivance]? Now THAT is a twist I'd drop my jaw for any day. It's not on the tin box, but a surprise! XD

      • Since he didn't interact with the other girls she might have proposed that they pose as a couple so he wouldn't have had to worry about people thinking he was gay. If he refused she could threaten to start a rumor that he was. Maybe even setting up a picture to use as blackmail. As for his notebook, why would he care? He didn't want to interact with the other kids anyway. If they teased him he could just laugh it off as youthful fantasy that he moved beyond.

        As far as dragging Eita into it, why not? She obviously doesn't care about boys and is self centered so why not use him? Could have been anyone but he's a prime target since he's isolated himself. Her plan might have leaked out if it was someone who had friends.

        On a personal note, from you bio I would assume that English isn't your first language but you write it very well and idiomatically too. You caught me with one idiom that I've not seen before: "it's not on the tin box" I'm guessing that's British in origin. Quite descriptive! Made my day.

        • Wow, very logical and thorough scenarios you have there, Bear. (゜.゜)

          The first method was so obvious, why didn't I think of it? It's simple, neat (it uses his earlier goal) and makes much more sense than "stumbling" on a long-forgotten book. I'm not sure about your second opinion (no pun intended) though. Sure, Eita cuts a rather lonesome figure, but it doesn't mean he's totally isolated from the class. If that notebook got out, he'd suffer a label that might last through graduation. And even if he didn't care about his school mates' reactions, Masuzu did threaten to upload a copy to the Internet. And with viral fame being an unpleasant thing for people like Eita, his reaction was justified in my opinion.

          Ah, prey on the weakest of the pack, huh? She almost seems predatory in her methods…

          Thanks, I appreciate your kind words. (^_^) Actually, we here in Malaysia use British English thanks to our colonial past, so you may see some Limey touches in my writing. XD As for the "tin box" idiom, I honestly don't know where that came from. I think I got it from another aniblog, if I'm not mistaken. Anyway, I think it's time to refashion my bio with more "tin boxes".

  • "I can’t think of why an anti-love person like her would go ahead and pretend to have a partner."

    I'm guessing you've never had lots and lots of people trying to date you. It's not fun when you want to be left alone. It's a deterrent and she says so right there in the show.

    • Hit it right on the nail there, Eris. I'm afraid that when it comes to relationships, I've little to no experience. Sorry if I came on a bit too strong there, Masuzu's attitude kinda incensed me a bit. =(

      On the other hand, I can relate to the desire to be alone. When stuff gets hectic at work or home, I just feel like shutting myself in an empty room. I can only imagine what Masuzu must have gone through during her short time in Eita's school…

  • Personally, this anime adaptation was a bit disappointing for me.
    First thing first, they changed Eita's art to be more manly and mature, almost Kodaka-like, while in the manga and original LN art, his looks is kind of childish and innocent, and Ryoto Osaka voicing him? I was expecting some Kakki-like voice there.
    and the second thing, is that the pace that seemed quite slow, which makes me thinking that we can't see the core story of OreShura unless we get second season, which is almost unlikely, unless this one get the same reception as Haganai, but seeing it's cult-level fanbase, we can't hope much here.
    despite all of that though, I'd like to recommend everyone to watch it first, or at least read the manga.
    for the manga itself, I was quite surprised seeing all those character development that happened only spanning 20 chapter, and even then, there's still more teaser about what things to come.

    oh, for the voice actor/actress, beside Eita's voice, choosing Yukari Tamura as a sadistic Masuzu is quite a good choice although I think Chiwa Saitou also would make a good role out of her since Masuzu and Senjougahara is quite similiar, while somehow Chiwawa(Akasaki)'s voice sounded like Neko from K series.

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