This was by far my most anticipated anime of the season. And to my pleasant surprise, this went above and beyond my initial expectations. (Which were admittedly rather low.)

Shinbo’s known for his crazy and jarring visuals. But instead of head tilts, photo-realistic cut outs, and rapid moving slides with words on them, we find Shinbo the most restrained I’ve probably ever seen him. I quite enjoy how Sasami’s room is all pastels and watercolors in contrast to the outside world.

Another thing that stood out immediately is the soundtrack. The tracks already display a wide variety of instrumentals from synth to spastic brass during that absurd and amazing chocolate world sequence. The opening theme is also good and I enjoyed the animation.


As for the characters and content, I found myself highly entertained by just about everything. Of course the sisters are all just gimmicks so far, but it’s only the first episode. My question is that will fantastic and nonsensical things happen to the sisters in each episode in an episodic format? Or will an overarching plot show itself quickly? I think I’d enjoy Sasami-san more if it went with the former.