Have you ever sat back after finishing an anime and gone “Man, I’d love to live in that world”? Well you’re definitely not the only one, and it’s nothing to be embarrassed about! Anime is able to capture breathtaking moments (either fictional or non-fictional) through pure animation unlike other media’s we are known to. There’s a world that can only be given life through anime and this captures our imaginations. Iso from Nabe! has started a blog carnival about sharing such desires to live in particular anime series we’ve made a connection with as Kai and Sleepynoyume have done. I will also be joining the bandwagon by sharing with you readers the animes that have captured my imagination and the desire to live in that world.



Come on, I’m sure I’m not the only one who wished for this when they were young! Ever since I was little, I always dreamt of becoming a Pokemon trainer and going on an adventure with my best friends and a Pikachu next to me! All the animals would be Pokemon and there would always be an adventure everyday, it’d always be exciting and fun plus I’ve always wanted to try out Brock’s cooking because it looked really nice! *sigh* So nostalgic thinking back on my childhood days. I think Pokemon was one of the most influential show for most or even all of us. We were able to relate to Ash due to our age while the world of Pokemon triggered our crazy imaginations.

Great Teacher Onizuka


I really have to say that Onizuka is one of the worst teachers around due to how violent he is, how perverted he is and how much of a trouble-maker he is in general, but at the same time Onizuka is one of the best teacher role models I’ve seen in anime/manga. Although his ways of taking care of the students is beyond human, he’s a good teacher at heart who is more viewed as a friend than a teacher. His relationship with the students become something worth admiring near the end and I loved it. As an aspiring teacher myself, I admire Onizuka as a role model (only for the good stuff he has done) and I long for that ideal teacher-student relationship. And that’s why I view Onizuka’s success as a teacher as a wish fulfillment itself. I would love to be in that class, chatting with the students like friends while still playing my teaching role.


k-on! picture (20)

As a huge fan of K-On, there’s no way I wouldn’t want to live alongside my favourite group of girls where I can chat, drink tea and play music alongside them as a club member and as a close friend. It’s a dream come true! Sharing the same passion with Mio about left-handed bass guitars, talking non-stop about how similar we are. I would literally be in heaven if I lived in the world of K-On. Everyone’s always having fun without a care in the world, doing what they love the most without society judging them. It’s beautiful! It’s perfect! *goes into hardcore fanboy mode*

So what about you guys? What are some anime’s/manga’s that you wanted to escape into? Maybe all them shoujo series so you can find true love? I know I would!