I didn’t sign up for this.

Kotoura-san is a pretty fun show if you can survive the ten straight minutes of continuous TEARS AND PAIN that come first. I’m not usually a fan of a lot of melodrama unless it’s in cheesy 70’s shoujo manga, but, in Kotoura-san’s case, I think that it worked pretty well. I found myself actually getting into the story and really feeling bad for Kotoura, which made the second half feel extremely satisfying. It ended up definitely being much more emotional than I would have ever expected from this show, and, even if the melodrama was a bit over-the-top at times, it was still pretty effective. Filling the audience with as much frustration and sad loli feels as possible was actually a pretty smart way to set up the show, even if it was a bit exploitative. By breaking down Kotoura right from the start, it made it a lot easier to understand her character, and it also really made Manabe’s acceptance of her seem that much more touching.

A knight in shining armor appears.

I never thought I’d see the day where a 4-koma adaptation was among one of my favorite anime of the season, but Kotoura-san has a lot of potential. Whether or not it can continue to balance the drama and silliness remains to be seen, but I have to give Kotoura-san credit for doing a damn good job so far.

Final Verdict: Kotoura-san is the best of both worlds as far as drama and comedy goes, and I highly recommend checking it out! I have absolutely no idea what direction this show is going in or, honestly, what direction I even want it to go in, but in a crappy season like this, it’s definitely one of the better things that have aired so far!

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[ I’veeeee become so numbbbbbbbbbb ]