Chiwa joins Masuzu’s new “Harem Maiden Club” in order to learn how to be popular. Even after humiliating herself thanks to Masuzu’s trickery, Chiwa still stays on-prompting the former to confront Eita and take their “fake” relationship to another different level.

Right Off the Bat:

I’m intrigued, really intrigued. Ore Shura’s humor struck me as pretty shallow but in this episode, I was surprised by its subtlety and references (Jojo!). Although Masuzu was despicable as ever in her trickery, she showed some remarkable insight into Eita’s subconscious feelings towards Chiwa.


I Smell a Triangle


Things got even more complicated after Masuzu’s confrontation with Eita; she now wants him to stay away from any girls. Why take it so far? Wasn’t it just a matter of convenience for her? Imo, I think she does feel threatened by Chiwa’s perseverance and I also sense a competitive streak in her. Otherwise, why did she get so up close with Eita when nobody was around to see it?  In any case, expect stormy skies ahead.

Chiwa’s health problems were mentioned and finally explained, but like the notebook, I found it to be a little too convenient again. I don’t know why, but I’ve a bad feeling about this new development. I’m calling it-they’re going to shoehorn in a health scare sooner or later. And btw, MOAR CHIWA PLS. I’m such a sucker for moe characters… (^_^”)


Humor Upgrade


Like I said, the humor in Ore Shura really caught me off guard. Although my favourite was that jab at Jojo, it was more of an in-joke. If I’m no mistaken, the Jojo series is heavily influenced by Western music, so it stands to reason that the Stands (guardian-like characters) in Jojo would have names of musicians. Don’t ask me exactly who though, I’m still only following the ever-MANRY anime.


Anyway, I digress. The best scene of the episode would be Masuzu reading Eita’s notebook in that dramatic and KOOL fashion. Her deep (read:HAT) voice really made Eita’s embarrassing notes all the more hilarious! And that’s not even including the crude drawings in the notebook! XD I know I hated how Masuzu conveniently found it, but I’m really impressed that they continued to use it in the main plot. I can only shudder (and snicker) at what other plans Masuzu has for Eita’s naive ramblings.


Besides those two highlights, I also liked Masuzu’s spiel about the “Maiden Club” and Chiwa’s martial arts-rock fusion. I want moar Chiwa though, she’s too cute to get that little screentime!


ED: "W:Wonder tale" by Yukari Tamura

ED: “W:Wonder tale” by Yukari Tamura

Well, that’s it for this week’s Ore Shura. Bring some plates and utensils, ’cause there’s going to be a feast! Cue girl or guy who is lousy/deadly at cooking!


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