I don’t know if Shaft blew all the budget on last week’s well animated episode or what. But this entire episode was made up of distance shots and close ups. Not even head tilts at that. An as amused as I am by all of Sasami’s different faces, they don’t compensate for much. Come on, Shinbo. I like it when your antics are toned down, but this is just sad. Without them, the flimsiness of the story is just laid bare.


However, on the bright side, we learn that the chocolate world was actually a thing and are provided with an explanation to boot. Thanks to Sasami’s monologue at the start of the episode, these ‘alterations’ are due to the power of the gods, mainly Ameterasu. I’m not sure if there’s any deeper meaning to the Ameterasu thing, but perhaps it will be explained in the future. Or not. Who knows?

But let’s talk about the main bulk of the episode: the MMORPG stuff. I didn’t mind it at first, but then it just kept going. And going. And going. Without any interesting or humorous dialogue or silly Shinbo stuff to distract me with. Nope. All we got were various Sasami faces, and we learned that Kagami falls asleep when things don’t go her way. That entire scene was time well wasted.


The climax inside the MMORPG was equally as boring. What I would’ve preferred is the time ratio of all of the computer room hootenanny and the game battle to have switched. Have an epic battle with Orochi. Have silly magical girl transformations into the characters they created. Have the eldest sister figure out that Sasami subconsciously created Orochi in the midst of an epic battle! That would’ve been fun to watch.