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Those sea-blue eyes... <3

Those sea-blue eyes… <3

Like K-On, Tamako Market is a very character-focused series that really utilizes the genre ‘slice-of-life’ and that’s to be expected. With the whole K-On staff behind this original work, expecting a story-centered series is not the way to go and will definitely ruin your enjoyment. Unfortunately because of how focused it is on characters, there really isn’t much to talk about so please do bare with me as I fanboy throughout the series predictably on most occasions. Hell, why not join me down below in the comments section? But with this out of the way, lets begin the coverage of episode 2!



Valentines day came around much earlier this year for anime, and I get the feeling that other series will take part in this early promotion of this romantic day too, but at least this gives a more romantic spin to the development of our characters in Tamako Market; especially Tamako and Mochizou. I love how they converse using a foam cup telephone across the street. Considering these two have already been introduced as a potential couple, I find the intimacy of being able to see each other while chatting through such childish items is adorable and romantic. Unfortunately with the introduction of Dera, Mochizou is going to have to find better ways to win over Tamako’s heart Maybe give all the birthday presents in one go as a way to apologize and also to show how much he cares.

Dera: "She miiiine biach~"

Dera: “She miiiine biach~”

Also, it seems that our little Midori-chan is lost in the world of love. Considering Tamako Market actually has male characters where the school is co-ed and not an all-girls school like in K-On, I feel that hinting at the possibility that Midori might actually be in love with a student but doesn’t know what to do to be befitting and necessary when addressing Valentines day. At the same time, the episode takes the opportunity in using Midori as a catalyst to address the meaning of St Valentines day right at the end, but if you were to ask me, don’t get your hopes up about a possible relationship concerning Midori.

"This is my love for you~!!!" *goes in for a hug* "Aww HELL NO!"

“This is my love for you~!!!” *goes in for a hug* “Aww HELL NO!”

Although we’re only 2 episodes in, Tamako’s character seems like a mix between Chitanda from Hyouka, Yui from K-On and Mio from K-On. Chitanda because she looks practically identical to her when she puts her hair down and Yui because of her energetic attitude while also knowing how to be responsible like Mio. What do you guys and girls think? And also… glasses or no glasses? I prefer Tamako without the glasses to be honest



Rating: I’ve decided to give this episode 8 out of 10. Like episode 1, episode 2 was just as hilarious! You’ve got Dera cock-blocking Mochizou (and I doubt that’s going to be the last) and seeing  Tamako’s father so tsundere killed my stomach! Also we were finally able to hear Hikasa’s voice this episode during the Bunny Mountain meeting! I don’t care if she’s playing as a chubby woman, Hikasa has a great voice in general and really took on a befitting persona for Mari well (like other seiyuu’s). It’s a shame she isn’t singing any of the songs though.



  1. ronbb 2 years ago

    I have to be honest that I got a bit bored at the school scenes, but I love Tamako's tsudere father — love how he got all blushed and caved in to Tamako's Valentines idea. His "lovey-dovey heart mochi" totally cracked me up…and, seriously, I was drooling… :P

  2. Author
    Tofu 2 years ago

    Most moe character of the season has to go to Tamako's father. I don't care what anyone else says because like you, I cracked up so hard too!! Just how can you not!??! He's always so serious and traditional and when he finally tries to fit in, Tamako just laughs at him :P Awesome father-daughter relationship xD

  3. ronbb 2 years ago

    I agree — I would love to see more of the father-daughter relationship.

  4. yvoonmanga 2 years ago

    ooh god, this was so CUTE!!! duude, I dont know what came over me but I went crazy over the scene when Dera cock-blocked! Bahahahaha!! I cracked up so hard! XD I agree with you that the way Tamako and Mochi communicate is just so damn adorable and rabu-rabu!!~ >w<

    And that promo picture! It's from the ending isn't it?? DID you see the more scenic shots like when she was walking through a vined tunnel with shadows cast down on her? U know what I'm talking about? THAT WAS SOO PRETTY!!! When she's holding the daisy, the backlight was just SO DAMN PERFECT!!



    In love with the ending song. Did I say before? XD

    My recent post Winter Anime 2012/2013

    • Author
      Tofu 2 years ago

      RABU RABU~!!! <3 I love how Tamako quotes his dad with that line! x3

      And yes the promo picture is from the ending :P Usually I don't use screens from OP's or ED's but that was too beautiful! I just had to showcase it! KyoAni really puts in a lot of effort in their animation, and like usual, it pays off <3

      Hearing from twitter so much, it seems the ED to Tamako Market is loved by everyone x3 Maybe even best ED of the season perhaps?

  5. All Fiction 2 years ago

    The world of KyoAni where the girls are girls and the men are girls too.

    • Author
      Tofu 2 years ago

      I should've realized that guys will never exist under a K-On staff :P

  6. Mint 2 years ago

    Aw man… I have to admit that I like this show, even though K-On was not my thing and the OP makes me feel slightly woozy from the cute. It's just when those girls stand with their knees bent towards each other, they look like such toddlers @_@/ But anyways! I totally agree, Tamako's dad is adorable! His rivalry with Mochizou's dad (and Mochizou's crush on Tamako awwww) is my favorite part of the show so far. I was also surprised at how well they handled Midori's feelings too, no dumb yuri pandering at all. It was sweet and slightly sad ;_; When did I become so easily moved /must turn heart to stone again

    • Author
      Tofu 2 years ago

      Nawh~ Mint likes how they look like toddlers… wait what!?!?! LOLS

      Tamako's dad is so tsun and I like how Mochizou keeps calling him 'dad'. Which is really weird but funny at the same time :D

      Oh? moved ey? That can only be done by the POWUH OF THE K-ON STAFF!!! JOIN US!!! JOIN THE BROTHERHOOD!!! >;D

      • Mint 2 years ago

        LOL NO!! I HATE that!!! especially when they have the emotional mannerisms of a toddler too!!! @A@/


        • Author
          Tofu 2 years ago

          Oh~ hehehehehehe…. whoops ^^;

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