Oji-chan turns Aoi into another souped-up mahou shoujo; she then teams up with Akane to pummel the “Alone” alien. Unfortunately, thanks to Homura a mysterious girl, the “Alone” becomes nearly unstoppable. After overcoming her lust guilt towards Akane, our blue-haired heroine “docks” with Akane to become a god-tier mahou shojo. Finally, they obliterate the red menace.

Right Off the Bat


GAWD, I’m really in love with their OST. And what the heck is with the sexual and yuri innuendoes in this episode? They CAN’t be a coincidence, what with them blurting it out. More importantly, who is that black-haired girl? Probably the staple dark character with a mysterious past…

First, I’d like to say-DAT OST. Although the battle scenes were great (bar the cringeworthy CGI), the OST really amped up the thrills. I don’t know why, but instead of losing interest when the CGI came up, I actually managed to stay hooked!

And I guess you could pin my interest on this episode’s action too. With exhilarating views and fast-paced combat, Vividred 02 managed to keep me excited even if the girls’ victory was a foregone conclusion. AkaAoi (transformer mahou shojo) bursting through the clouds for that fantastic pummel was really a remarkable sight. Speaking of which, I loved the unexpected “team-up” concept-I expected them to just share their powers.


As for Aoi herself, her “tomato” incident was anticlimactic, but it really made her endearing. Her frustration over such a small issue was SO moe!  I was watching her because of her colour blue (my favourite!), but I’m starting to like her caring and thoughtful personality too.


However, with every promising strength in Vividred, there’s always a few kinks to ruin the day. One of said dents is the GOD-AWFUL CGI. When will they learn that applying this technique to characters just makes them unreal? I was grimacing for most of the battle scenes! I’m curious though, has there been any good results with CGI in anime? Besides the tanks in Girls Und Panzer, I can’t think of any more…


Next up are the innuendos  Warming up with Aoi’s transformation, they peppered the girls’ weapons with “Naked” before finishing off with the “kissing” scene. The transformations were okay, but why in the name of mahou shojo did they name their moves “Naked [Insert Weapon ]”? I suspect either a lousy English  education or Oji-chan’s dark fantasies…XD As for the “kissing”, I was shocked at first like Aoi but seeing what they’ve already “sneaked in”, it’s rather tame by comparison, no? What did you guys and gals think?


Finally, there’s that mysterious shojo. Who is she? Why is she against the humans? How did she revive the “Alone”? For now, she’s just an enigmatic antagonist to our future heroes. Still, I suspect she’ll let us in on some EXPLOSIVE truth. On the other side, I smell something fishy with Akane’s grandfather; his explanations and motivations so far are vague at best. What do you think? Are things as straightforward as they seem?

Next week, the harem  team expands!


Remarks, counter-arguments and alternative viewpoints-I’d love to hear what you think of this post, no matter how brief. And don’t worry, I’ll work hard to answer within 24 hours. =) Apologies in advance if I don’t. XD