"To get a clue, or not get a clue: zat could be the question."

“To get a clue, or not get a clue: zat could be the question.”

Eita and Masuzu finally land Chiwa a boyfriend. Unfortunately, Chiwa the “popu-cute” wannabe doesn’t seem happy at all. Finally, she lets out all her frustration at Eita during a celebratory dinner. Oh, and there’s a flashback.

Right Off the Bat:


Wow, I expected a silly ride from Ore Shura, but suddenly, all that melodrama just came out from left field. The flashback was out-of-place, but at least it explained Eita’s ambitions a bit. Judging from the preview though, things will be back to normal soon enough. A pity…

Mission Complete?

"Baka Wars: A New Joke" Ep 01

“Baka Wars: A New Joke” Ep 01

Now that Chiwa has a pseudo-boyfriend, her wannabe facade is starting to crack and fracture. Her muted responses and outburst has laid bare her true feelings towards Eita. It’s kinda unbelievable though, Masuzu just needed a few days to spot the love, yet Eita the childhood friend is still clueless.

Putting her heart into the club because of her accident was a neat rationale for Eita, but now that she’s clearly(?) stated how she feels about her new “relationship”, the ball’s in Eita’s court now. Coming from a proud lineage of clueless romance protagonists though, I’m pessimistic towards our chick magnet. Anyway, whatever happens, Masuzu’ll be there to watch with glee.

Joke Downgrade

THE END. Oh, if only it were that easy...

THE END. Oh, if only it were that easy…

I thought the comedy in this episode wasn’t up to par, but it did have some highlights. The long-winded “Chuunibyou sketch” gag wasn’t very funny anymore, it’s just too overused already. However, I did find Masuzu’s knowledge of shōnen tropes very funny; there’s something goofy about a “prim and proper girl” digging manga tropes.

Seeds of Ambition

"Bakanator: Rise of the Tears" Ep 02

“Bakanator: Rise of the Tears” Ep 02

Eita’s motivation to become a doctor gets some screentime in this episode. Apparently, he wanted to cheer up Chiwa and heal her in the future-so he proclaimed his medicinal ambitions. I actually found this to be quite touching; besides caring for her as a friend, he was willing to dedicate his whole future to healing her chronic injuries. Now that I think about it, that moment must’ve been when Chiwa started loving Eita as a lover. I mean, if you’re going to confess, promising your entire career to a girl is the way to do it.

"The Baka Hallows" Part 3

“The Baka Hallows” Part 3

Next week: moar shenanigans. Dress code: casual.


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