This opening storybook scene looked so friggin cheap.

Thankfully, everything went back to looking good once the opening sequence past. ..

sasami-0302But really, where the hell do I even start? To say that we didn’t receive any explanations to what exactly the fuck is going on would be a lie. Though does any of it really make any sense? Well, no, not particularly. It’s all completely ridiculous: Sasami being raised as a vessel for Ameterasu in some crazy incest family, the two younger Yagami sisters being extensions of Tsurugi, the well animated annihilation of the shrine (seriously, where the hell did those helicopters come from anyway?)…it’s all rather nonsensical. Though honestly, I’m quite content to turn my brain off and enjoy watching this hot mess.


Although the incest portion of the show still irks me. The scene where Paparin ended up copping a feel when Sasami showed him her third arm was particularly dumb. But while on the topic of the two siblings, at least it’s good to know why he’s so fucking dedicated and totally okay with being treated as a faceless slave. I wonder what kind of character development he’ll have. Rebel against Sasami or the shrine? Will his face be revealed? Eh, his character will probably end up just staying stagnant throughout the whole show. But so far, each episode has left me totally clueless as to what’s going to happen next, so who knows?

Also, I really enjoyed the new ending animation.