Akane “greets” undefeated kendo star Wakaba with a surprise victory. Spoiling for a fight, the latter befriends the former’s sister and manages to get a rematch, only to have a serpentine “Alone” ruin the moment. Realizing the importance of “purpose” in fighting and victory, Wakaba becomes the third member of the harem Vividred crew.

Right off the Bat


Nothing much to note besides the usual “introduction” routine again. A new member comes,  a challenge appears to put her-or rather-“them” through their paces and everyone laughs in the end. Still waiting for the first story arc to come flying along…

Wakaba the Brave

"I sense a drafty future for you, my young daughter...

“I sense a drafty future for you, my young daughter…

I wouldn’t have expected green to be the colour of Team Vividred’s headstrong brute cutie, but I have to admit, the matching hair and uniforms really make good eye-candy. Too bad Wakaba only had some screentime before the Docking scene, her ponytail really highlighted the marching band uniform, more so than the previous two Vividred members.

Wakaba also has some promising traits as a future protagonist. Her aggressiveness and discipline will be a good foil to tame Aoi and unfocused Akane. Plus, she has that small chink in almost every headstrong gal-a fondness for cute things. Ah, if only they could’ve extended that scene for an entire episode… Let’s not get too carried away though; I want to see a tough, action-ey girl to counterbalance all the moe I’ve absorbed throughout the years.

Of Alones and Angels


Overall, the action played a small part in this episode, but it did tell me that things might be getting better for Vividred. Although plagued with mediocre shots and an overuse of stills, Vividred at least manages to drop the clunky CGI we’ve seen before. Granted, it could (and should) do better, but with a general improvement like this, I’m definitely not complaining!……My standards are really low, aren’t they? XD

On other matters, WakaKane (Vividgreen Operation) was a really fetching combination of tech and tradition, don’t you think? AoKane’s (Vividblue) robot look was rather predictable, and I expected a kendo-ish combination this time, but the sleeveless kimono(?) design was very daring and beautiful at the same time. Can’t wait to see how the last combination turns out.

Before I end my very short update here, a moment of silence please, for the rather pitiable “Alone”, who had such a short, ONE-episode career…XD

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