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We finally see Kuroki Rei’s (aka Alone Cheerleader) side of the story. Handed a chance to save her parents and old life by a talking crow, she helps it in its attempts to destroy the Manifestor Engine. After a botched solo assault on the plant, she is stranded and rescued by Akane, who nurses her back to health while trying to befriend her. While rebuffed, Akane resolves to keep trying after some advice from her hospitalized mother.

Right After the Credits:

A very interesting episode for an antagonistic protagonist. I loved how they showed Kuroki’s different faces. The accompanying  music was also gut-wrenching at moments, setting a somber mood for the episode. Still, the ass shots are just as ridiculous as ever. The rationale behind stuffing a loaded pistol into one’s underwear eludes me…

Sad, sad Kuroki

Lucky guy......

Lucky guy……

Ass befitting her name, here comes our stock “dark” character for Vividred-Kuroki Rei! Besides bringing some pessimistic counterbalance to all the optimism, Kuroki also carries a dark past with her. It’s not spelt out, but her parents seemingly died in a fire. And if the soul-crushing solitude was not depressing enough, she has to contend with a sadistic crow while trying to bring them back. Kuroki’s plight and desperation really pulled at my heartstrings, but I’m with Akane on this one. Ignoring the contrived scenario, Akane’s advice is sound-no matter how noble or desperate your cause is, harming innocents is unacceptable.


Still, there’s a lot of holes that this episode didn’t manage to fill completely. We know that Crow has the power to summon Alones, but has he shown his reality-altering powers at all? Without definite evidence, he could well be lying through his beak. Plus, there’s still a shroud hanging over Kuroki’s “unique” abilities. Unlike the tech-infused Vividred  squad, Kuroki relies on a (Crow) bow infused with what could be called “magic”. Is there some sort of link between her innate talents and that of the Vividred crew? I definitely think so; coincidences are next to impossible in anime. Watch out for a VividBlack Kuroki soon.


Moving on with the mysteries, just what happens if the Alone “feathers” run out? I suspect that Kuroki might face a painful end, judging from the awful wringing Crow gave her. And why 10 feathers? Any thoughts on this?

On a less speculative note, I wonder how our moody maiden got all her weapons and training. In gun-strict Japan (assuming it hasn’t overhauled its laws), getting a gun and the training as a minor should be impossible! And without at least a background in gymnastics, hopping all over the security bots would end badly for her…..

It would've been more poignant if it had been a normal-looking key, but I guess the fancy design has its merits.

It would’ve been more poignant if it had been a normal-looking key, but I guess the fancy design has its merits.

Anyway, Vividred has benefited from this injection of pessimism from Kuroki. From this point onward, at least we know that something major is afoot. Whether there are more twists ahead or a ramp-up to the finale, we’ll just have to wait and watch. Well, tune in next week for the first true story arc of Vividred.

"Cold" characters getting flustered are the best!


Remarks, counter-arguments and alternative viewpoints-I’d love to hear what you think of this post, no matter how brief. And don’t worry, I’ll work hard to answer within 24 hours. =) Apologies in advance if I don’t. XD

  1. Bear 2 years ago

    I think you missed something. Rei comes from another world or alternate universe that was destroyed by their use of their version of the Manifestor Engine . The crow has convinced her that destroying the Engine in this world will allow her world to be restored, including the return of her parents. So her training probably was done outside of this world.

    • Dualash 2 years ago

      I was always confused babout that because even though that crow, or whoever was talking through the crow, kept mentioning a "world" where it implies her family is dead and her only connection to her past is the key, I was always wondering if the crow meant her world literally or metaphorically, like saying that her life is her "world".

      • Author
        Yippy 2 years ago

        Wow, that's an unexpected angle there Bear. (0_0) However, like Dualash, I was looking at Crow's words from a more metaphorical perspective. In Akane's world, there definitely was a Manifestor Engine accident. Perhaps Kuroki's parents and friends died then, shattering her "world"? But then again, if it was that catastrophic, it would've taken Akane's, her mother's and grandfather's life, wouldn't it? Hm…your theory is looking more sound by the minute.

        What do you think, Dualash? Do you think both accidents were one and the same or different?

        • Dualash 2 years ago

          I think its still to early to determine what happened to Kuroki because she was dreaming about a house burning and we have no clue how the manifestor engine produces energy, but maybe the engine did take her parents' lives away, its a lot to consider.

          • Author
            Yippy 2 years ago

            The house burning was more literal for me; there's only so many metaphors I can imagine. XD

            I think the ManiEngine's energy source will be a huge plot twist in the coming episodes. I mean, limitless energy doesn't come cheap. Plus, Crow's plans for the engine are still shrouded in secrecy.

            Argh! So many questions for just an introductory episode! Why couldn't they space all these mysteries out? Would've made it more intriguing.

      • Bear 2 years ago

        Another interpretation of her "world" that I've seen is that she is from the future. Possibly, this means that there is some catastrophic event that is caused by the Manifestor Engine in the future and she has been convinced by the crow that destroying it in the past would prevent an even worse calamity in the future. Of course this doesn't explain why the Alone wants the Engine destroyed. Maybe it sucks power from an alternate dimension where the Alone lives and is harming them.

        • Author
          Yippy 2 years ago

          Another time-travelling twist? That would be kinda ballsy, wouldn't it? XD As for your theory, wouldn't Crow use the argument that destroying the past ManiEngine would save her future world? Your theory is sound, but the logic seems too complex. Btw, where did you read about this? I'm interested in taking a look.

          As for the Alones, I see them more as mindless pawns working for Crow than as sentient beings. Still, that alternate dimension theory sounds really cool. =D

        • Author
          Yippy 2 years ago

          Another time-travelling twist? That would be kinda ballsy, wouldn't it? XD As for your theory, wouldn't Crow use the argument that destroying the past ManiEngine would save her future world? Your theory is sound, but the logic seems too complex. Btw, where did you read about this? I'm interested in taking a look.

          I see the Alones as more of Crow's mindless pawns than as sentient beings, but your alternate dimension theory sounds really cool! =D

  2. Bear 2 years ago

    The two blogs I've been reading about the show are


    where they discuss where Rei might have come from. There are even references to similarities between Rei and Homura from Madoka Magica.

  3. Bear 2 years ago

    OMG, Yippy, did you guys go that? I made a comment with Madoka Magica in it and when I submitted it I got Kyubei's face on my screen. Startled the crap out of me! That little monster gives me nightmares, but it was a good joke if you did.

    • Author
      Yippy 2 years ago

      Naw, we made a contract with it to keep Sekijitsu afloat after the crash a few weeks back. Never knew tights were that uncomfortable…XD

      Seriously though, Kyubey was here long before I was. It's an error screen of sorts, popping up on Seki when something's not right. Still, I'm glad that you got some kicks out of it. =D Sorry about any shocks or nightmares though…

  4. Author
    Yippy 2 years ago

    Ah, thanks for the links. I just read through them and I pretty much agree with them on the similarities. I'm worried though; will Vividred just ape Madoka?

    • Bear 2 years ago

      Ape Madoka? Well, I think they both follow the Magical Girl trope, so there are bound to be a lot of similarities. Don't know if they're consciously trying to copy them in some ways.

      • Author
        Yippy 2 years ago

        I think they are, but since I'm not so familiar with the genre, I'll chalk it up to coincidence for now. It would be pretty hard to forge a path away from a genre-twisting hit though.

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