ang pow

Heyho, it’s Yippy’s first true-blue editorial début here! Please forgive me, I’ve put off my first editorial for waaaay too long. But hey, I’m here and I’m raring to get started!

For me, linking anime to real life makes both that much more colorful, so why not link it with a major festival like the recent Chinese Lunar New Year or Spring Festival? So, to celebrate the  New Year (yet again XD), I’ll be covering five aspects of this festival while linking it to our common hobby-anime! While learning something about Chinese culture, you can also take a trip down anime memory lane! So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start with the most anticipated Chinese New Year (CNY) custom for everyone-red angpow packets!

Angpow literally means “red packet”; these crimson and money-filled envelopes are traditionally given from married folk to unmarried folk, no matter the relation. There’s no limit to the amount of money you can put in one, but it’s the thought that counts more in this custom.

But, what would you do if you could give a huge angpow packet to the tune of millions to an unmarried anime character(s)? With a ton of single folk around the anime world, there are definitely a few that make it to the top of your list, right?

To me, these characters or groups would have to be either dirt poor, in a spot of bad luck or just have a noble goal but not the means to achieve them-deserving characters and groups in short. So, without further ado, here are five characters I would give my huge angpow to.

The Bebop and Champloo Crew (Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo)

Cowboy_Bebop_Samurai_Champloo_by_gozita2003 RESIZE

Always on the verge of starvation, the bounty hunters in Bebop and the ronin wanderers (plus a bumbling girl) in Samurai Champloo really need all the money they can get.

For the space cowboys, a red packet payoff might help pay off any damage Spike causes in his reckless hunts. Besides that, all the ammo they use to catch the galaxy’s most wanted doesn’t come cheap;  savvy Jet will need some serious dough to pay for them. And that’s not including the damage from firefights to the Swordfish and auxiliary vehicles too! I’d also want to help pay for Ein’s dog food and Ed’s hardware upgrades.

Moving on to the sunflower-obsessed samurai (and a girl), an angpow would definitely make hunger a thing of the past for them. No more would they have to pawn swords, stay in seedy inns and scrimp for scraps. Still, wouldn’t that obliterate half of Champloo’s plot already? XD

Mikiya Kokutou (Kara no Kyoukai movies)


Besides dealing with virtual unemployment, Mikiya has to satisfy his grouchy girlfriend who can barely hold back from murdering him. A fat red packet paying for his living expenses under an irresponsible boss would go a long way, don’t you think? (Kyouko, why u buy so weird artifacts when you can’t even pay your employee’s salary!?)

Also, with Shiki as his future mate, I’d like to see them living a content and happy life free from the worries of debt. “Death Perception Eyes” and “Murderous Instinct” aren’t skills employers look for in a resume…XD Anyway, they could use a nice dinner once in a while with all that money, no?

Daikichi Kawachi (Bunny Drop)


Raising an illegitimate child from a late grandfather is tough; raising a child as a bachelor without experience or support on a shoestring budget is even tougher. The next person who could receive my angpow is the sacrificing Daikichi. Besides allowing him to pay for Rin’s education, the millions can go to a retirement fund to ease his worries in the future. I’m not so sure about the weddi-naw, let’s not go down that rabbit hole. (=_=”)

Future Gadget Lab (Steins;Gate)


With the amazing and ludicrous stuff they come up with already, I wouldn’t be surprised if the ragtag FGL scored another home run with one of their wacky inventions! Who knows? They could come up with the next Phone Microwave!

From sorely needed materials and tools to experienced members, a yen-stuffed angpow will offer all of that and more!  Of course, the original team and their chemistry needs to be there, but that’s another story, no? Besides *important* stuff, the team could buy some other items like more outfits for Mayuri, spare bike parts for Suzuha and maybe even some vintage TV parts for Misuta~ Braun down at the shop!

Chihaya Ayase (Chihayafuru)


Giving an angpow  to Chihaya Ayase would be a safe bet because she wouldn’t spend it on anything other than karuta! XD

I’d love to see the money will go to new decks, recruitment drives and most importantly-expenses during tournaments. There were moments when Chihaya mulled over her financial situation, so I’d like to give some relief and let her focus on improving her game.  Plus, occasional victory celebrations with the whole team doesn’t sound too bad, no?

Well, that’s all the characters that I think deserve a fat, red angpow. What do you guys think? Any other better candidates for this windfall? Come on down and give your thoughts below!