No! This is NOT School Days!

What are you doing KyoAni!? This is NOT School Days!

Fresh Romance within Little Seedlings

Usually, you’d have the ‘cute-girl-falling-in-love-with-the-cool-guy’ trope in Japanese Animation. We see it in Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, Lovely Complex, Kimi ni Todoke, Sukitte Ii na yo, Kami-sama Hajimemashita and many other series revolving around romance. Although not limited to Tamako Market, the romance between Anko and Yuzuki. We all totally thought that Anko had a crush on Tatsuya as he ticks all the boxes for being the ‘cool guy’ so to see Anko react nervously towards Yuzuki, it was both a refreshing and adorable twist. Who would’ve known the average-looking four-eyes would be Anko’s crush? I certainly didn’t! I’d like to see this tackled a lot more often in Japanese Animation because it does feel a bit more pure as love can blossom from anywhere and is not limited to physical appearances. In other words, Anko is able to see the person for their personality more so than their looks and I respect that from her. I hope to see more Anko X Yuzuki in the near future but that’s mostly wishful thinking on my behalf.



Reconnecting with your Childhood

Throughout episode 4, Anko was determined to do anything in order to get away from the festival and hang out with Yuzuki and her friends at the museum, but she’s drawn back to the festival by Kaoru to help the little children dress-up for the festival; allowing her to reconnect with her childhood and regain that pure love for the festival once again. It’s nice to see Anko reconnecting with the festival and instead of complaining about her blood line in the mochi business, actually participate in the end to sell special festive mochi’s at the shop over hanging out with friends at the museum. You don’t see much children do that nowadays, where they connect with traditions over 21st century recreational activities and Anko is definitely a rare case. Ah! I can’t get over the fact that Anko is a child version of Azu-nyan! So adorable!

EVEN MORE KAWAIIII~!!!! <3 <3 <3


Yuri fills the air once again!

I am now 90% sure that Midori is in love with Tamako! I mean, come on! She’s obviously cockblocking Mochizou just in case Tamako does respond back to Mochizou’s feelings. There’s always a potential, no matter how dense a person can be. But… yuri? Really? I wouldn’t have expected it but considering we’ve got Ono Daisuke and a few other characters I’ve mistakened for their genders, hell… this doesn’t seem so surprising anymore. But what will Midori do? Or actually, will we even see any romantic developments at all in Tamako Market? There’s a bunch of ship’s all over the place but I doubt KyoAni will actually go ahead with a real relationship for the sake of keeping the humor of being shut down continue. But what say you guys? Tamako X Mochizou? Midori X Tamako? Or even Midori X Mochizou? The way she looked back at Mochizou’s shop at the start could be a potential hint at something, but I doubt it’s anything due to how she behaved throughout the episode.



Rating: I’ve decided to give both episodes 8 out of 10. They decided to bring out the beach scene after 4 episodes and considering the other episodes all had a special occasion to it, you’d wonder if Tamako Market will continue on with each episode showcasing the girls in other special occasions they might not have touched on (maybe a Christmas episode near the end?). But besides that, it was a somewhat fun episode. Like usual, you have Dera pulling most of the jokes, but this time around it was more romantic focused. I definitely don’t mind the romance in Tamako Market, but considering KyoAni is most likely not going to ship Tamako with anyone as she’s too in love with mocchi, using the same gags might get boring soon. I love Anko much more now after seeing her adorable and mature side in episode 4 as she reconnected with tradition and her past. Please give us more Anko! She’s such a cute imouto!