I really love these sorts of colourful scenes in Jojo. Really makes the show stand out.

I really love these sorts of colourful scenes in Jojo. Really makes the show stand out.

HORA! It’s the Yerocha-Yippy “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure” co-review! We hope you enjoy this GAR review format (or else), but if you have any ideas, comments or critiques battle tendencies you’d like to share, comment away! Your thoughts are invaluable as we strive to improve our Ripples. Thanks in advance! ∠( ゚д゚)/

Yippy// Welcome back folks, to Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures! However, this time, it’s two times the manliness and triple the opinions. Like our current protagonists in Jojo-Yerocha and I are teaming up! I hope you enjoy our dose of weekly Ripple (and eventually Stand!) goodness from here on out.

Schwarzenegger, is that you?

Schwarzenegger, is that you?

Now, on to business. After the epic Dio-Johnatan arc, we’re on to the 20th century with Joseph Joestar and his wits. He’s bought a new dimension to the fights with his quick thinking and deception. Problem is, with the relentless Pillar Men hot on his heels for the Aja Stone and the poison ring on his heart, will he be able to survive another week (five days)? Yerocha, what are your odds on Jojo surviving?

Yerocha// I think the odds of him surviving are good, though in no way guaranteed. One of the biggest differences between Joseph and his predecessor so far has been resourcefulness and the ability to get out of any situation. We saw that for ourselves this week in this episode with the aerial battle between Joseph and Cars. Your average hero could never have figured out a way to retrieve the stone of Aja and stop their plummet like he did.


But we also saw from the fight between Cars and Stroheim just how swift and deadly these opponents are. So if Joseph wants to survive until the end, he’s going to have to take that creativity to the absolute limit. Of course I’ve already long since finished this part of the manga. So who knows what I could be hiding…

Yippy// It’s a shonen show, Yerocha, ALL the main protagonists survive one way or the other. Although, Johnathan didn’t… Bah, Joseph’s wits have brought him this far, who is to say it can’t bring him to retirement age? And no fair, manga-reader! >=D


Moving on, Joseph’s main strength is definitely his quick thinking and resourcefulness. Man, when he thought up that plan to use the Aja stone as a shield, I was just awestruck. Not only does he have the mental speed to plot plans, he also has the guts and decisiveness to carry them out swiftly.

Further still, that ingenious move stringing the icicles into a rope was amazing, if not a little ludicrous. XD Still, that last save was also thanks to his partner Caesar. Although he hasn’t done almost anything battle-wise, he’s proven to be an able ally of Joseph with his quick save. However, with their surprising bust-up over whether to pursue Cars (spiced up with some family honor), will their partnership survive? On to you, Yerocha.


Yerocha// Luckily, Caesar’s full story is where my memory starts to get fuzzy. Up to this point, it felt like he was content with just being the more experienced guy who Joseph could play off of. Now we’re starting to see what makes him go forward aside from just trying to honour the memory of his grandfather.

As far as his friendship with Joseph is concerned, I think it’s safe to say that they’ll be able to stay partners in some way. A big part of the trick with the icicles was to show how much they have come to understand one another. Caesar can see into the madness of Joseph, and Joseph trusts in Caesar enough to use this closeness in his crazy plans.

This isn’t the kind of friendship that can be tossed aside after one little argument, even if it turns out to be over something major. Maybe these arguments are just another part of how they interact as allies. They’re kind of like an old married couple that way.

I'd make that face too if I made a rope out of icicles.

I’d make that face too if I made a rope out of icicles.

Yippy// Old married couple? Haha! XD That’s a humorous way of putting it. They really do seem like a couple with their understanding and arguments. Likewise, Yerocha. I sense a flashback coming up, and it’s probably not going to be a happy childhood. Heck, the episode preview didn’t even leave anything to the imagination! As for Caesar being the eternal sidekick, I think we’ll see him in full-on action in the next episode; against Wham, no less! It couldn’t have come sooner imo; I was starting to think his “training” was all for nought.



And nice angle on their bromanctic trust there. They’ve definitely come a long way from their first scuffle in Rome, but there’s something different about this one-Caesar’s being unusually stubborn, enough to upset Jojo too. As for their partnership in general, they still have the final battle to go, so they’ll stick together till then. Still, I’ve a gut feeling that something will happen to Caesar in the end of the arc. Call it a gut feeling, but rarely do arcs end with everything hunky-dory…Argh, the suspense is killing me!

Keep it classy, Stroheim.

Keep it classy, Stroheim.

Yerocha// Well I’ll definitely be looking forward to the next episode. I know a few people who have been waiting for Caesar to get his time in the spotlight and the end of this episode has not been subtle in letting us know what will happen next week. Since we haven’t seen Caesar get into a big fight since his own Ripple training, he’s sure to have some new tricks to showcase.

So in conclusion, this week’s episode gave quite a few characters the chance to shine, and it ends on the promise of even more epicness to come. And don’t you worry, Lisa Lisa fans. Her time will come as well, but for now it’s the students who get to take the stage.

"Caesar's Lonely Youth"

“Caesar’s Lonely Youth”