Vividred Operation 06


Kenjirou tries to strengthen Team Vividred’s bonds during their summer camp through simulated trials. In the end, they manage to rescue impromptu “hostage” Rei (or was it the other way round?) and have a good laugh together at the beach (except tsundere Rei).

Right After the Credits

This episode was a fun if not inane look at the girls and their bonds with each other. It was mostly fluff and fanservice, but hey, at least we got to see DEM SWINSUITS. Plot? Nah, that’s a looonnng way off.

It’s Bond, Rei Bond


Although Kenjirou planned to unite the girls through challenges, he only proved how divided these girls are in “battle”. If all it took was some bugs, a “boulder” and a conveyor belt to separate them, I can’t imagine how they’ll improve in future Dockings.  And never mind mock battles like this, what would happen if the situation was real? Vividred’s been pretty cheery till now though, so rest assured for now.

How to be an Otaku 101: Get big ass monitors and the appropriate wallpapers.

How to be an Otaku 101: Get big ass monitors and the right wallpapers.

Rei’s “capture” was unexpected, but I guess they would rope her in one way or the other. Still, I’m worried. If an old weasel like Kenjirou had the guts to design that borderline creepy swimsuit for Akane, I can’t imagine what he would’ve done if not for Momo’s presence. Dang, I better stop reading those Bad End doujins late at night…


Anyway, on a more silly note, why couldn’t Akane figure out it was Rei? I mean, she’s the only one with the fashion sense to wear a black scarf on a tropical island while wearing a bikini. Even Superman would blush at this masterful deception! XD And Kenjirou’s got some pretty neat influence if he could muster all that tech from the Japanese military. I see Kamina the Charming has taught him well.


Well, that’s pretty much all I’ve to say about this plot-light episode. Tune in next week for some more Flying Magical Band Girls (and Feathery Archer Antagonist)!




"KAKKOI~!" I just loved her reaction! She's quickly becoming my favourite girl.

“KAKKOI~!” I just loved her reaction! She’s quickly becoming my favourite girl.

It's Tsundere Time!

It’s Tsundere Time!

I've pretty low expectations in quality for these sorts of anime, but the awful lighting was just unacceptable.

I’ve pretty low expectations in quality for these sorts of anime, but the awful lighting was just unacceptable…

Literature 101: Chekov's Swimsuit

Literature 101: Chekov’s Swimsuit

Pretty much the entire episode...

Pretty much the entire episode…

Gotta love those different reactions. XD

Gotta love those different reactions. XD

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