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For the last two episodes, Eita gets to know two new acquaintances: Hime the chuunibyou airhead and Ai the tsundere hall monitor. For Hime, her past is a textbook case of a lonely girl trying to open up. She tries joining the “Maiden Club” but gets into a standoff with Masuzu’s sister Mana. With Eita’s encouragement, she opens up and gives Mana a piece of her mind. The club (read: Masuzu) finally accepts her, but it gets disbanded on the orders of hall monitor Ai. Rejoicing, Eita spends his free summer at cram school, interacting with an oddly flustered Ai. All the while, sparks fly in the now-complete harem.


HNNNG File #10928

Right After the Credits:

Well, everything is almost the same except for more girls and more tinder for future sparks. They’re really taking their time with the character intros; I’m worried about the lack of time for a proper story arc… The girls themselves fit your stale stereotypes but I’m glad they aren’t too annoying yet. Still, I wanna see some colour in them; their dialogue and  interactions are just too predictable. The stage is set with all girls, their methods and their ultimate aim-Eita, all they need to do now is to inject some twists to make up for the slow start. When all’s said and done though, it’s a two-girl fight no matter how you twist it…



Hime’s “backstory” was simply bland and formulaic. Although I liked her airhead personality (call it a present from Osaka), I found that the chuunibyou trait was just muscled in without much thought. It’s just there to try and pump out laughs without any care for the context or focus of the episode-which was her claim on Eita. Plus, as with Chiwa a few episodes ago, there Eita was white-knighting again! It’s one thing to use a time-honoured trope, but it’s another to just copypasta the entire plot. Yes, she did “develop” as a character, but didn’t it feel shallow and cliche? A shout? *sigh* Still, it was a tense scene, so it did get to me somewhat.



I was wrong on the “forgotten childhood lovers” hunch with Hime, but Ai’s case looks set to fit this trope. She was interested in him even though they’ve “never” met and Eita had that firework flashback-classic makers for said trope. I admit, I do like this romantic (but sorta silly and illogical) plot device, so I’m optimistic with Ai here. Again, there was more white-knighting at the diner, but I thought its indirect approach was better. Her erratic behavior and fake boyfriend act were kinda bizarre and illogical, but her tsundere act sent me over the moon. Biased reviews, here we come! XD

On the Other Fronts…


I’m  not sure why Masuzu wants the evidence so badly. Sure, outing Ai as a liar would be beneficial to her club’s revival, but who would she tell it to? As she herself noted, none of Ai’s friends have heard of this Michel Daigorou fella. Revealing the truth would net the club members some laughs, but Ai wouldn’t be obligated to rescind her order, no? Still, Masuzu is a manipulative maiden, so she might have her day yet…

Chiwa’s been stuck in a rut since saving Eita from the thugs and I don’t see her fortunes improving soon. C’mon Chihuahua, don’t let that silver-haired witch snatch what’s rightfully yours!

Come to think of it though, I don’t have much to say about Eita, huh? White knight with an ambitious goal and a chuunibyou past, that’s it!  D=
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