Wow, I actually really liked this episode. …

It’s clear that Sasami’s mother Juju is the best thing that has happened to this anime. Since Tsurugi stated that she may be able to crawl her way back from the underworld again, I’m hoping that she’ll return for the finale.


In addition to Juju the character that really got to shine was Tama. The other two sisters have already had their time in the spotlight, and I can imagine that Tama has gained some fans with this episode. Even though her backstory is slightly cliche, putting up a smile and what not, but I know my opinion of her has improved.

Though of course, despite my positive attitude towards Sasami-san this week, this episode was not without its annoyances. Well, it was only one thing in particular: when Juju said that she wanted her daughter to be impregnated by her father and Sasami weakly replied with, “Why can’t it be my brother?” I had a massive face-palm moment.

I hope next week will continue this good trend. It may prove difficult now that the two best characters are trapped in the underworld.