HORA! It’s the Yerocha-Yippy “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure” co-review! We hope you enjoy this GAR review format (or else), but if you have any ideas, comments or critiques battle tendencies you’d like to share, comment away! Your thoughts are invaluable as we strive to improve our Ripples. Thanks in advance! ∠( ゚д゚)/

Yerocha// Hey everyone, welcome back to our series of posts on Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. I’m Yerocha, and this is the lovely Yippy. This week the focus of the episode is on Caesar Zeppeli, who just last time had grown a little tired of being called Joseph’s sidekick. We get to see what started his path to mastering the Ripple, but unfortunately we also see what ended it.


The episode kicks off with a flashback showing Caesar’s life on the streets of Italy, where he grew up with a burning hatred towards his father for seemingly abandoning him. I liked this flashback for not making his grudge against the Pillar Men purely a case of chivalry. He gets a very personal reason for wanting to improve himself and make his name something to be respected. Yippy, what did this flashback make you think?

Yippy// The flashback was a bit too short, Yerocha, but it did explain Zeppeli’s past quite well. I would’ve liked to see some more of how he met Lisa Lisa and trained his Ripple but understandably, the focus was more on his relationship with his father Mario. The latter’s end at the hands of the Pillar Men was tragic, but the violins-THE VIOLINS-made the scene a very poignant one. Still, I wonder, why abandon his defenseless children for a threat that is probably long gone? The mask and Dio are six feet under while the Pillar Men are still unknown; JBA is a wonderful series, but plot holes like this do sometimes mar it.



As for the scenes AFTER the flashback though, three words Yerocha: PURE MANLINESS!!! (exclamation marks=words in Jojo) Joseph’s earlier tricks were great and all, but I missed Johnathan’s pure brawls. Caesar really brought out the big guns with his fight against Wham, whamming the windy warrior almost into defeat. From his creative Bubble Cutter to the ingenious Bubble Lens, the fight was just full of jaw-dropping moves! I also loved how they upped the quality for the fights in this episode. The creative camera angles and smooth animation was just amazing throughout, especially around the 13-minute mark. When Caesar dodged Wham’s furious (and beautiful) wind blows, slamming his feet into the ground, you know that’s an Oscar-worthy scene right there.

Still, all the fight porn in the world would not console my despair at his death. WHY, CAESAR!? It’s your first major fight and you go off dying, albeit honorably?! Man, the Zeppeli’s will always be dying for another’s sake in JBA, huh? Anyway, Yerocha, what did you think of Wham and his ludicrous sunscreen Mist Shield? Although his last salute to Caesar was admirable, that move was just cheap imo.


Yerocha// Yeah, the Mist Shield was a lot to take in at first. I suppose it makes more sense when you realize the person creating it is orders of magnitude older than the person he’s fighting, and he has enough time on his hands to invent crazy little stunts like that. I expect he would have spent a while working on any way he could to walk around in the daytime like that. Cars must be jealous.

The most creative stunts from this episode came from Caesar, though. If last episode said that he could think the way Joseph does, this episode was what proved it. Unfortunately, Wham turned out to be even better at planning. This is the kind of thing that Joseph was talking about when he said they shouldn’t rush ahead, but Caesar had so much confidence in his plan to defeat the Pillar Men that he just had to try and fight. That’s the confidence that makes him such a great warrior in the eyes of Wham, but it was also his biggest mistake.


The last five minutes of this episode were like something out of a Greek opera. I knew this was coming for some time, and I hear that some people who watched the OP closely knew it too, but it was still a lot to handle. I think Yippy said it best: WHY, CAESAR?! You had a whole six episodes ahead of you! The curse of the Zeppeli bloodline is not an easy one to escape, but he was still able to leave behind something for everyone to remember him by: the warrior spirit that will live on in the hearts of all those around him. Also a bandanna and a nose ring.

Yippy// Ah, I forgot about that since they look fabulous for their age. Still, with all that time on their hands, you’d think Wham would’ve invented something a bit more hardy than a sprinkler. But, I digress. Wham’s not a skin specialist, but he is a hardened warrior like you said, so much so that a split second of darkness was all it took to wound Caesar fatally. *sigh* If only Caesar had remembered the Chinese saying that “one is not made of glass”.

Hm…I thought the Greeks were more famous for their dramas and especially tragedies?And opera was famous at a later age and a different place, no? (EDIT: Wait, I forgot about the glorious BGM T_T) Besides my nitpicking though, I have to agree: look at all the waterworks! Heck, even the stone-faced Lisa Lisa broke down along with tough-guy Joseph! The former’s been pretty passive in fights, but now that she has lost a dear student and friend, I’m dying to see the Venetian Mystic in action against the Pillars.

Hahahaha! XD Nice parting shot there with the nose ring, Yerocha. Now that’s Joseph is free from the poison rings, he’ll have all the time in the world to prepare against the Pillar Men. I don’t think he’ll wait too long since bromantic vengeance calls, but who knows?


Wait, are those impossible odds I see in the preview? WHAT!? 2 vs 100!? Humph, no matter, as long as Joseph’s “Tactics” are in there, we’ll be in for a bloody but awesome victory next week. Till then, let us honor the beauty behind the “splendid and ephemeral” soap-bubble… *sniff*