Sorry for the late review! Been a hectic week with assignments galore. =( Anyway, I hope you enjoy the review and the glorious screenshots courtesy of my upgraded hardware! =D

Akane bumps into every high school heroine’s nightmare-lousy grades! Her friends help her out with a study group and drag along Rei, who finally discovers the connection between Akane and the Manifestor Engine. Then, an EMP Alone appears and wrecks havoc on its way to the Engine. Team Vividred manages to knock it out but lets their guard down. The upgraded Alone then seizes this chance to fire an EMP pulse, only to have Akane block it. Unfortunately, the unconscious Akane then plumments to Earth with her fried powered suit.

Right After the Credits:

Wow, now that’s how you end an episode! I was unhappy that they whizzed past yet another Alone fight (poor Newspaper-chan…), but I’m glad they gave us the quality fight and that cliffhanger.


What quality, you say? Well, for one, the animation was really smooth. From banter at the Isshhikis to the Alone fight, there were some really beautiful scenes. It could be due to the video quality (only watched 480p till now), but the choreography and direction was definitely top-notch. Just look at Aoi pounding the Alone’s head!

Although they used some dreaded CGI for Team Vividred, at least it wasn’t as terrible as with the first Alone. Perhaps the darkness hid most of the flaws? XD I heard they hired another studio for the battle scenes though. And about the Alone, that’s a really weird and unique design, don’t you think? The contrast between its organic “wheel” design and its futuristic weapon is really neat, if you ask me.

Did you see that? Reality ~warped~

Did you see that? Reality ~warped~

As with all “cold” girls, Rei succumbed to the power of friendship. She did have an ulterior motive though: scouting out for links between Isshikis and the Manifestor Engine. Geez, Rei, couldn’t you have looked up the inventor of the Manifestor Engine just once!? I know she’s kind and wouldn’t want to hurt the Isshikis, but if she’s this sloppy with investigative work, no wonder the reactor’s still standing! Anyway, I enjoyed “Normal” Rei for once, even if it was fleeting. Gawd, DAT SMILE. Damn it, Akane, why did you have to ruin that moment? Bonus points too for a startled Rei at the “fridge” scene. How long is the Prof going to put off getting back his own body


All said though, that cliffhanger was the penultimate scene in the episode. With her suit fried and the Earth hurtling towards her, what will Akane do? I’m guessing a quick save by either the Vividred girls or Rei; the latter’s odds seem tough though (having no superpowers sucks). However, I’m also rather suspicious of the timing of this scene. It could be a red herring, but I predict things will take a serious turn from now on as the Alones get stronger and Rei interferes more. They’ll definitely fend off the former with ease, but I’m not so sure with Rei; how will her current relationship with the girls impact their reactions when they find out she’s an Alone sympathizer?

All this from a seemingly hopeless fanservice show. Count me in for next week’s episode!

I loved the lighting in this one-look at those costumes!

I loved the lighting in this one, just look at those costumes!


Espionage has never been more exciting!

Espionage has never been more exciting! Join today!

Is the touchscreen is there, why use the keyboard?

If the touchscreen is there, why use the keyboard?

Gotta love that lolicon swordswoman. XD

Gotta love that lolicon swordswoman. XD

So it IS a harem!

So it IS a harem!



More evidence for the "Outworlder" theory.

More evidence for the “Outworlder” theory.