Teenage girls fight evil with the power of song and friendship.

Symphogear G is more of what the first season brought to the table. Seeing as how much I loved the first season, more of the same posed no issue for me. The increase is Symphogear users and double the songs from last year also added to my enjoyment. Though admittedly I think it was quantity over quality in terms of songs this go around.


The new characters, all antagonists save for one, had simple goals and characterizations. But Symphogear has always had a simple and stupid yet endearing charm to it. The trio of Symphogear-user antagonists weren’t terrible, but naturally I don’t like them as much as the main trio. One villain in particular, Dr. Ver was annoying as fuck but made some of the most hilarious faces I’ve ever seen. None of the antagonists were handled particularly well in general.

The amount of screen time and development between characters was severely imbalanced this season. Chris got the lion’s share for the first few episodes, and everyone took a backseat for Hibiki for the middle. Poor Tsubasa barely got to do anything at all and received little to no development whatsoever.


  • Story – B- – Still stupid but awesome.
  • Characters – C – Simple and silly. The antagonists weren’t handled very well at all.
  • Art – B+ – The only grade that changed. Better and more consistent animation this time around.
  • Music – A – Reused BGM, lots of good new songs. Though quantity over quality overall.
  • Enjoyment – A+ – Even though it still had some things I didn’t like, I was still thoroughly entertained.
  • Overall – C- – I’m still surprised this got a second season.

Recommendations: Mai-HiME, Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A’s