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Uchouten Kazoku/Love Lab [First Impressions]

Uchouten Kazoku is an adaptation based off of an original work by Morimi Tomihiko (original creator of The Tatami Galaxy), and it definitely shows. It has the same quirkiness and …
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Brothers Conflict [First Impressions]

Contrary to it’s very misleading title, this is (unfortunately) not about an epic brawl to the death between a bunch of brothers. In fact, these brothers seem to get along …
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Kotoura-san [First Impressions]

Kotoura-san is a pretty fun show if you can survive the ten straight minutes of continuous TEARS AND PAIN that come first. I’m not usually a fan of a lot …
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Cuticle Detective Inaba 01

Cuticle Detective, right from the start, is very loud, in-your-face, and completely ridiculous, opting to completely ignore subtlety in favor of relentlessly screaming joke after joke at you like an …
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Campione! [First Impressions]

Studio: Diomedea

Genre(s): Comedy, Romance, Harem, Fantasy

Episodes: Unknown, but I highly doubt it will be more than 13

Notable Seiyuu: Hikasa Youko, Kitamura Eri, Hanazawa Kana, Hidaka Rina


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