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2×2=Shinobuden [Secret Santa Review]

I’m not the biggest fan of anime comedies. It’s not because they’re bad (though the shouting joke delivery can be grating and repetitive). It’s also not because …
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Fate/Zero 16

By  •  Episode Review, Anime

Do the ends justify the means? Which ends are the right ends? There were three main goal-driven parties this week: Saber and Lancer, Kayneth, and, of course, the puppet …
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Renn's Roundup: Final Impressions for Winter 2012

With Mirai Nikki’s end, so ends the 2012 winter season. Let’s spare no punches: thank the lord this shit season is over. In retrospect, it may have been a …
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Magical Girlfriend X Average Male Lead [First Impressions]

Quite possibly the biggest anime cliche is that of the bland, wish-fulfillment couple: of an average boy with no discernible traits whatsoever except for the beautiful, magical girl who has …
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Shining Seven [First Impressions]

And we’re almost at the end of these first impressions. Hyouka and that shameless idol promotion anime with a really good staff air next week, and I’m going to try …
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