April Summary (2014)


"No Game No Life - Sora and Shiro" by Krukmeister

Good afternoon loyal readers of Sekijitsu, this is Heartless and I’ve taken over the April summary. April marks the official beginning of the Spring anime season and there are a plethora of series to check out. As always, there are some that are pretty good, some are bad and there’s always one, sometimes two that are overhyped. April has been better than expected with some surprises like No Game, No Life and Black Bullet while other series like Nisekoi and Hitsugi no Chaika have been a bit of a let down.

BokuraWaMinnaKawaisou   DateALiveII


Hot: Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou

I’m quite surprised at how much I enjoy Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou considering the overarching plot isn’t that complicated or interesting on the surface. The one thing, of many, this anime has done extremely well is make the interactions of characters actually carry some significance, like: forming the ties between each tenants and developing a ever growing interests in each of the characters. Regardless of the fact that each character feels a bit extreme at times, the conversations they have with any one of the other tenants makes them feel like they are more believable by proxy. The fact that each character is very simply at first glance, when the anime reveals a new aspect of the character, that isn’t so clear, it instantly makes learning and being investing in each character more compelling.

The other side to this coin of character interactions is this teen romance that is forming. When it comes to most anime, they usually lack that believability of a progression in a relationship to actually look forward to the outcome; in the case of Ritsu and Kazunari, there is this genuine curiosity coming from our male character that lead him to seek and actually learn more about his love interest; and despite the slowness, it feel nice to see such progression. And to the point about the slowness, it ends up working in a way that there actually is progress happening and it is expressed very clear in Ritsu’s expressions, but Kazunari is more caught up in looking like a fool in front of her to notice. So actually experiencing the different speeds relationships developed between other tenants in Kawai makes the inevitable romance have that much more weight carried with it; plus it helps that this anime is pretty sharp in it’s humor.

Not-So-Hot: Date A Live II

I would say that Data A Live II suffers from having interesting content, that will be shown in later episodes, and the journey to get there is just a struggle. The first season suffered from this as well, only the idea of sealing away the Spirit of the girl that had them was interesting enough to keep that fact hidden. Unfortunately, since this is the following season, there is none of that and we end up getting more of the same thing, which can be good in some cases, but not here. By episode three it has gotten to the point where I’m saying to myself “Lets just get to the point already”, and soon it becomes extremely samey considering you know in the end Shido will end up conquering this girl — or in this case girls since these Spirits are the split personality of one.

Fortunately, these criticisms of mine expired when I watched the fourth episode. The biggest problem I have with Date A Live as a series is the fact that it covers a lot of its gems in unnecessary fluff to appeal to a general audience, and that really turns me off. Most of it comes from the fact that Shido is unable to make a strong decision; so when the fourth episode came around and Shido actually did something, I was pulled back into this series after suffering for three episodes. The only thing is, one good episode doesn’t excuse the other three lackluster ones, so this is why Date A Live II is in my “not-so-hot” category. But now that we finally made some kind of progress in the story, I’m looking forward to what’s to come. I just wish they would stop with this useless micro-drama that Tohka brings in every single episode, when the scene could be just a normal event.

No Game No Life   Nisekoi


Hot: No Game No Life

I know I was pretty close to bashing No Game No Life right at my first impression post but after seeing a few more episodes, I actually find myself being absorbed by its interesting world along with its I-don’t-even-know-what-to-make-out-of-them main characters. I think one of the things that made me really enjoy this series is my low expectation toward it. During the beginning of the season, No Game No Life was highly compared to Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? which I think was pretty reasonable – main characters brought to a fantasy world, and everything is decided by games. But the execution of these ideas became the difference which makes No Game No Life a bit more interesting (but I’m still into Mondaiji-tachi more, enjoyability-wise).

No Game No Life has been pretty enjoyable so far with its multicolored-interesting world, fun characters, and decent amount of fan service. With Sora and Shiro finally becoming the King and the Queen of Imanity, the forthcoming war will surely be full of interesting things (it’s definitely because of how Sora takes on everything – that chess match was priceless XD).

Not-So-Hot: Nisekoi

Nisekoi is a manga that I read when it came out. I enjoyed it when it was beginning because of its nice romance and comedy. When the anime was adapted, I was expecting it to look something like Oreimo because of its harem nature and beaten up but pretty nice main guy. But SHAFT took the job and made it… well… SHAFT which looks absolutely beautiful because of all the nice dialogue delivery, creative art, and lots of pretty quick cuts (but seriously it’s starting to look a lot like the Monogatari Series).

Maybe that’s just me somehow praising Nisekoi

My real problem with the series is how the story is dragging so much. Realistically speaking, if this isn’t a JUMP series (which needs to drag series just to make them long), Nisekoi will actually look great with a one-cour anime adaptation with lots of funny moments, decent amount of fan service, and pretty romance. Watching the anime actually made me realize how annoying it is how everyone is falling madly in love with Raku (well maybe that’s an exaggeration) and how every promised girl has the same freaking story (at least we only have three as of now)…

BlackBullet_April   I-know-where-this-is-going


Hot: Black Bullet

Black Bullet has certainly popped up as quite an enjoyable view this month. Fast paced and filled with moe, monsters, bare knuckle fighting, guns, swords, and other themes that surprisingly works well when mixed together create this wild ride. In only one month, we’ve been introduced to our main cast, the biggest threats, a boss battle and basically went through the entire first arc of this series. For someone with little time on his hands these days, I am thankful for Black Bullet’s need to simply get down to business and move on but I am more impressed that it still has the ability to do that while smoothly giving out info.

Not-So-Hot: Chaika the Coffin Princess

Chaika the Coffin Princess is another anime by Bones this season and there hasn’t been anything noteworthy about this show since it’s airing. “Get to the specified location and extract the key item from a strong opponent without getting caught or dying” is the this anime summed up in one sentence. While such a framework works well for video games, it’s pretty boring when applied to anime. A lot of anime are similar but use something else to get my attention. That “something else” may be great action, in-depth character development, fascinating world building or something but Chaika the Coffin Princess has none of that.

It’s so incredibly linear, it’s pretty boring. The only thing this anime has going for it is the mystery of Chaika’s background and I just barely care enough about that to not drop this series. The monster designs are pretty good too but they’re not important.

The spring season has just begun so we are still a ways away from finding out which series will turn into gems and which will end up as utter garbage. The month of May is looking to be a great month for almost all of the Spring anime as this is the time that each series really gets entangled in their respective stories and their plots begin to build towards the climax.

Tell us what anime you thought really brought home the gold in April and which anime you’really paying attention too most (or least) in May.

March Summary (2014)



March marks the end of the Winter anime season. I personally have mixed emotions on the series I’ve watched but nonetheless I think that Winter was a pretty decent season. Most of the Winter series finally concluded together with the few carry-overs from Fall 2013, which I’d like to believe many anime fans enjoyed – Kill la Kill and Log Horizon, which Heartless and mindtap talk about respectively.

Genuine Winter shows, on the other hand, were mostly playful series which either failed or just maintained their quality throughout their run. To name a few, there’s Hamatora THE ANIMATION which opened up nicely for me yet ended pretty badly (I share Heartless’ opinion on this one). There’s also Chu2Koi Ren which mindtap discusses (I’ll be watching this one later on). Setting aside disappointments, there’s the very touching Gin no Saji S2 and the nicely wrapped up Hozuki no Reitetsu which Yippy talks about.

Without further ado, here’re our thoughts on some of the series we’ve seen in March!


silverspoon   magicalwarfare


Hot: Gin no Saji S2

The second season of Gin no Saji opened with its typical lighthearted stories and gradually shifting to dramatic ones pass the second half which truly caught my attention. This past month, Gin no Saji S2 truly shinned for me probably because of my natural love for drama with a touch of inspirational stuff. This seems quite embarrassing but I actually cried a few times.

I used disregard Mikage’s character because I basically see her as the obligatory partner of Hachiken. But the story delves deeper into her dreams and sometimes even seeing myself in her, I came to love her and be moved by her story. Hachiken, on the other hand, also moved me particularly in ep 10 (I think) where he faces his father again who basically acts like an ass. But despite how Hachiken’s father seem to act so cold all the time, I’d like to believe that he’s just like that – someone who’s too proud to really show his feelings (maybe Hachiken’s father is a tsundere, lol). Anyway, the concluding episode was very moving in a way that basically makes me smile – the fluffy feeling where you just can’t help but tear a little from happiness. I really hope this’ll have another season.

Not-So-Hot: Mahou Sensou (Magical Warfare)

I remember reading in a chapter of Bakuman. Mashiro said that “the last scene of a manga is important… you could even say that it will decide whether the manga becomes a masterpiece or a piece of trash.” I personally think that it does the same for anime but we’ll be referring to its last episode particularly to its final moments.

While Mahou Sensou seemed more like a so-so series for me, that final episode just have to cross the line and give me a reason to throw it off. One of the things I didn’t like about the ending is that it doesn’t have a concrete ending/conclusion. The series seemed to end in a very open ending that seemed to hype viewers for a second season yet at the same time it makes me want to think that it’s just some typical ending which will make you really think of what the heck happened. But my main problem in here is that every time I try to connect things, they just don’t seem to add up. Maybe this is mostly because a couple of things are left unanswered. Until now some questions floats in my mind and just makes me wonder if this’ll have a second season, if it’ll have one I’ll most likely watch it for the sake of finding out what the heck happened.

LogHorizonGuild   chu2byo


Hot: Log Horizon

What started out as the anime with the main criticism of it being a Sword Art Online clone, quickly turned into something way more rich. Log Horizon started off pretty slow and shallow in places, but quickly evolved into a great example of both good world building and interesting character interactions that pushed the story to be far more cerebral than the initial few episodes. Starting from the many different mechanics and class of the game where several players are stuck in, made for an actually world that felt like it’s roots were that of a video game; and with the cropping up of issues such as dealing with unruly people and coexisting with non-player characters, it switch from just being just about the game itself to something a bit more political in nature.

Throw in the fact that most of the pacing is really well suited to how each layer, in the story, was introduced made it that much easier to follow a majority of what was happening. It is just a really well crafted anime that felt both polished, in the sense of the plot, and entertaining. Log Horizon is an example of given a bit more focus on a subject, like being trapped in a virtual world, can end up out shining the original. Plus the ending felt like it wrapped up things in the season and actually was much more of an end to a chapter while still introducing enough to want more from the next season.

Not-So-Hot: Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren

It seems like every season I tend to put anime coming from KyoAni into the “not-so-hot” section. It’s a bit disheartening to see myself not enjoy Chuunibyou as much as I did in it’s previous season, but the longer this anime goes on the more I realize how slow the progression is. I found myself just hoping for this anime to be good enough for me to continue pursuing anime made by KyoAni, but this season wasn’t as interesting, on the character development side, considering the main draw to the first was Rikka and the skeletons she covers up with chuunibyou. This season was more on the romantic side of things and the pacing of the romance between Rikka and Yuuta was probably the thing that made the plot screech to a slow crawl. Sure the drama between the unrequited love Shichimiya had for Yuuta was moderately interesting while it lasted, it just wasn’t enough to make this season stand out.

I did end up finishing the anime and pretty much predicted that they wouldn’t actually kiss; that one scene was also analogous to the core issue the Chuunibyou suffers from in a mere handful of minutes. There is this lingering “will they wont they” between Yuuta and Rikka, but the rational part of you brain kicks in and says “nothing is going to happen anyway” and unfortunately, a single distraction — in a very cliché way I might add — makes you correct. The thing you got in this season was a majority of filter with tiny bits of romances stuck in between the cracks and it ends anti-climactically. Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! is probably one of the slowest romances I’ve come across and the fantasy world of chuunibyou doesn’t feel like it is enough to keep me detracted to even enjoy much of the show.

Kill_la_Kill_End   Hamatora-2


Hot: Kill La Kill

I think it goes without saying that Kill la Kill ended on a great note even though I wished Senketsu would of got to live. In one month, we’ve seen hope become hopelessness, then vice-versa, Satsuki and Ryuuko wearing each other’s uniform and even switching teams, JoJo Mako’s return, a new set of three star uniforms, “Faux death”, “This Cannot Be” and “Faking the Dead” trope, among a slew of other tropes. Surprisingly, these last few episodes have been predictable but awesome due to the over-the-top use of each trope. KLK is just clear cut fun to watch. What Gurren lagann was to the mecha genre, Kill la Kill is to magical girls and I can dig that.

Incomprehensible madness is the best way to describe this past month of KLK and probably the entire series as a whole. Non-linear story line, constant action/drama and an enjoyable cast of characters. It’s sad to see KLK go but every anime has to come to end at some point (unless it’s Pokemon or Case Closed).

Not-So-Hot: Hamatora

Ahh, Hamatora, the anime I just got finished blogging about and if you’ve read my last four post regarding this series then you already know where I stand. The city was in absolute chaos as Moral’s army of non-innate minimum holders were on the loose, Art dies, Moral and Nice finally meet and Hajime unleashes her minimum. Everything was set up for a decent climax and appealing conclusion; leaving this series with some shred of dignity. In fact, all of those events were either destroyed by a horrible attempt at a twist or were simply left unresolved. I don’t want to spoil too much about what happened but at the end of the month, I felt like I had just been trolled. Everything leading up to the finale just seemed kind of pointless when you find out Studio NAZ intentionally left out so much information and left the finale as open ended as a whale shark’s mouth just to continue this shit fest. The sole reason I would continue watching a second season (whenever that is) would be because of my “obligatory second season” attitude and even then, I don’t truly believe I have it in me to finish this.


silverspoon   magicalwarfare

Hot: Houzuki no Reitetsu

You’d think Hell is the last place for comedy, but Houzuki no Reitetsu had me laughing all the way to that universal melting pot of misery every week.

Combining dark humor, hilarious characters and parodies, HnR’s created so many jokes that even those not familiar with the many references could have a laugh or two. For Japanese culture enthusiasts like me though, HnR’s many shoutouts to Japanese mythology, pop culture and even lifestyle made the show great. There’s too many to choose, but I would definitely recommend the drinking episode for a taste of HnR’s skill at parodies; I was laughing my head off when Orochi appeared, but I think I busted my gut when Houzuki and Hakutaku used the infamous Japanese custom of nomikai to wean the drunks off sake.

Still, HnR would be nothing without its eccentric cast, especially with the deadpan Houzuki. Most would find his ludicrously iron-fisted persona the funniest, but I thought his rarely seen sides much more humorous. Whether it’s his love of animals/plants or his rivalry with Hakutaku, the moments where he lets his guard down were always fun to watch.

And that’s not to say that the supporting cast was slacking off either. Regulars like Momotaro, his animal companions, Nasubi, Karauri, Peach Maki and Koban kept the jokes interesting. I liked Momotaro’s three animal companions the most because their conversations were great, especially Shirou with his naiveté. And come on, who doesn’t like talking animals?

Here’s hoping this hidden gem has a second season coming.

Not-So-Hot: Witch Craft Works

It’s always sad to see a promising show crash and burn, especially when you’ve recommended it very publicly. However, Witch Craft Works was just that-a perfectly good broth wasted by too many witches.

First off, the plot and the pacing. With so many things to cover, from Honoka’s and Ayaka’s relationship, Honoka’s training,  Kasumi’s love for her brother, the conflict between Tower and Workshop witches, Chronoire’s plot and Takamiya’s secret past, WCW  was way too ambitious in covering every one of those points in only 12 episodes. Picking up and dropping storylines in an almost schizophrenic pace did the show and its interesting cast a huge disservice.

What’s more, as the show dragged on, WCW relied more and more on shock value and surprises rather than a gradual buildup in tension or foreshadowing. Ayaka’s invincibility, Kasumi’s titanic bear, Evermillion being released from Honoka, Medusa, Kazane’s relationship with Ms. Takamiya-all these revelations slowly became irrelevant as more and more “surprises” came week after week.

Worst of all though, was that I didn’t know when to laugh or cry during the series’ ill-timed jokes. I get that WCW is an eccentric and humorous show at heart, but this works against the show during its dramatic moments. A good example of this is during Medusa’s first appearance and the main couple’s escape from Kazane prison; in both cases, Takamiya’s humorous embarrassment clashed with Medusa’s terrifying power in the former and his own fate in the latter.

All in all, WCW had great potential and a likable cast that was ruined by terrible directing. Hopefully, the manga will be more entertaining that this flawed adaption.

Now that Spring is finally here, I’m pretty positive that we’re all quite excited for some of the upcoming shows. This upcoming season seems relatively different from Winter. I kind of see this Spring as a mixture of sci-fi, mecha, and card game adaptations. Maybe not everyone’s favorite set of genres but Spring is one of my favorite anime seasons (with Fall being the other one) so I’m counting on things to be good.

How was Winter anime for you guys? And what Spring shows are you looking forward to? :)

January Summary (2014)

Good morning/afternoon/evening readers of Sekijitsu, this is Heartless reporting for duty. I guess it goes without saying that there hasn’t been much activity on Sekijitsu recently. The writers have been incredibly busy with so much of their time being spent on school or work (if not both). Myself included has just started a new job which has left me pretty backed up on my anime viewing habits which means my blogging has also taken a hit.  Of course the Sekijitsu writers are doing everything we can to manage our time effectively and get back to what we love.


The entire team has agreed to bring back the monthly summary list where each member (when available) writes about which anime they thought was the best and worst of the month. There were probably much worse anime than the “Not so Hot” ones listed but the major reason behind why those anime were not chosen was most likely due to the fact that none of us even decided to watch them. Without further ado, here is the long awaited Sekijitsu monthly roundup:



Hot: Wizard Barristers: Benmashi Cecil


This anime came as much more of a surprise to me considering I didn’t even thing about watching it when I first saw the line up of anime coming this season. So the main reason Witch Barristers caught my eye was the character design, but only initially, because this is coming from the same person that made Mezzo Forte and Mezzo DSA. However, the most interesting bits of Witch Barristers has to be the world that is portrayed. In anime, magic is almost always treated more whimsical than something that is more common place — even if there are a lot of people that can use magic. So when an anime like Witch Barristers came along, and put magic under law, it essentially normalized it in the context of the world. That alone is a new, at least to me, and interesting approach that I find very refreshing.

The other two elements that I’m draw to by this anime is the treatment of Wul — magic users — and the way the death penalty is used. Since Wul are a minority and there aren’t that many non-magical humans willing to interact with Wul, it creates this hostile environment for the Wul. Several of the prosecutors have prejudices against Wul that sway their opinion of how they want a ruling to end up; and because of this, a lot of time there is a worse case scenario or a Wul is killed, because of these harsh rules toward Wul, and ruling wasn’t justified by the facts. So really, I’m looking forward to seeing both the social commentary of how society treats an “other” — aka racism — and the politic commentary for wrongful use of the death penalty.

Not-So-Hot: Space Dandy


It is pretty disappointing that I didn’t end up liking Space Dandy considering this is the first time an anime is being aired subbed and dubbed simultaneously. Whatever the cause, from the three episodes I’ve seen, I pretty much gathered by episode two I would most likely not enjoy continuing this series. The biggest issue I have is the fact that it doesn’t feel like Space Dandy is going anywhere, and that by definition makes every episode really slow to me. When Dandy and his crew go out to find some rare alien, it doesn’t seem like they have accomplished anything at all — even with the turn around on the third episode.

Really to top it off, the humor doesn’t really click with me that much; I’m not the more mature people around, but really Space Dandy does strike me as something outside my demographic — that or it’s just my personality. The only thing I can give it some props for is Dandy being an ass man, sort of?, and the word “breastaurant”. Other than that, I’m not going to continue this series, and it is a shame, but that’s the things go sometimes.


Hot: Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren:

Chu2Koi Ren was everything I expected it to be, managing to deliver a great second season with good comedy, a budding romance and even better chuunibyou fight scenes. Unlike some romantic comedies, Chu2Koi Ren’s main couple are not suffering from the typical long, drawn out cliche where the romance almost never progresses until the final episodes. Instead we have a funny yet cute relationship between Yuta and Rikka that is still fresh in which the couple are having a hard time figuring out what really constitutes a legitimate romantic relationship. Satone works well as a third wheel that completes the love triangle and all of the side characters are just as funny if not funnier than they were during the previous season. Chu2Koi Ren has managed to feed off of it’s first season fairly well as the chuunibyou induced madness is still an important theme and Yuta isn’t an oblivious airhead like most male leads in a romance anime. At the moment, Chu2Koi Ren is certainly my favorite anime of the season (If you don’t count continuing anime).

Not-So-Hot: Nisekoi:


Nisekoi might be upon one of the most hyped anime of the season (behind Space Dandy of course) but I’m not understanding why. So far Nisekoi has appeared as a generic romantic comedy with a side of harem and not much else. A fake relationship with a tsundere seems like a series made for laughs but at most, I’ve cracked a smile. The animation looks like it was done by Shaft’s B-team, the jokes just aren’t hitting it with me and the romance aspect seems to run around in a circle of “try to confess and then run away.” Besides the premiere episode, the only part that pushed the story forward were the last few minutes of episode three. Nisekoi is scheduled to be a two cour series so I’m hoping things will shape up soon but right now, I’m not seeing anything great.


Hot: Witch Craft Works


Witch Craft Works was a shoe-in for the worst show this Winter season. The art was fanservicey, the cast a harem cliché and the premise an unimaginative disaster.

But thankfully, it was complete opposite of what I imagined. I absolutely loved WCW for its thrilling plot, likable characters and quality animation.

First off, I loved WCW because its fanservice stays where it should be-in the background. Kagari’s “assets” are huge but they’re never mentioned beyond a cut or two of Takamiya bumping into them. Plus, I was surprised that Takamiya hasn’t gotten himself into any suggestive situations with a single one of the harem of girls around him, in three episodes to boot!

Speaking of girls, WCW’s cast’s likable personalities are also another charm of the series.

Takamiya is your average stand-in lead, but I liked his eagerness to learn magic from Kagari instead of being dead weight. Besides that, his disbelief at his ridiculous situation along with his resolve to protect himself make him an easy character to like. As for Kagari, I love her cool attitude towards almost everything, even when it comes to Takamiya. Rather than losing herself at the sight of Takamiya, she acts with calm and composure. Of course, when Takamiya is in danger, the sight of her engulfed in fury and flames was also a treat to watch.

Besides having fun watching Takamiya and Kagari’s awkward interactions, the wild Tower Witches (especially that German-esque woman) were also an entertaining riot. Even though they seem more like cannon fodder than fleshed-out characters, I have hope JC  Staff will deliver.

And to top it all off, WCW even managed to use CGI properly! Yeah, a few scenes in the OP were a bit ugly, but I thought they used it well in animating the bunny knights, Takamiya’s first broom ride and Kagari’s battles (especially her flames). Here’s hoping they save some of that budget for the finale, I can’t wait for it!.

All in all, as far as I’m concerned, Witch Craft Works was definitely the hot property of the month.

Not So Hot: Mahou Sensou


I might look a bit lazy by choosing two shows about magic, but I’m seriously being honest here: without a doubt, Mahou Sensou was the most lazy, mediocre and disappointing anime of January, so much so that I dropped it after the first episode!

Even from the first scene, the story takes so many ludicrous turns that it seems more like a farce than any decent fantasy worth its mana. That breast transformation scene was supposed to be funny, but I think I laughed more at how dull and ridiculous the idea was. That’s not the worst though, that bloody kiss between Mui and Takeshi was so forced that I literally buried my face in my hands just to maintain some sense of dignity and intelligence. Well, at least the kendo sword vs HUGE MEAT CLEAVER fight made sense…

Moving away from the story, there’s not even some eye candy to salvage whatever promise Mahou Sensou had. Even in the fight scenes, the static perspectives, recycled footage and boring choreography made me zone out from the show. Heck, forget about the fights, they couldn’t even animate the protagonist’s moving mouth at one point, darkening the screen in hopes that no one would notice (surprise surprise, it didn’t work!).

Finally, when a show’s preview segment feels like a chore, it’s time to close that window and find something more entertaining to do.


Hot: Daiya no Ace


So yeah, I decided not to pick a new series. I think that Daiya no Ace continues its run perfectly well as it tackles the same path as Yowamushi Pedal yet it was able to execute the summer camp events a lot better. In these past episodes of Daiya no Ace, I really like how I am able to feel more about each character. The relationship built on each of them as well as the further development on them especially on Eijun, Furuya, and Haruichi. The three first years on the first string shine brighter in these past few weeks as they come into a realization or two about their abilities as compared to others. There’s also the further appearance of Chris-senpai which I’ve come to love because of the exemplary skills he showed in the practice game. In the last episode, I absolutely like how we’re finally delving into Furuya and him slowly developing. The battle between the position of ace between him and Eijun is actually getting a bit more interesting – add to that Miyuki’s comment of Furuya having the potential of becoming ace as well when back then he only meant it to Eijun.



I’ve been thinking a lot about which series totally let me down this past month. While I’d like to talk about my disappointment on YowaPeda, I think I can get my point across through my weekly posts so I decided to settle with a new series. I think the only series I’m not exactly enjoying right now is Z/X IGNITION and maybe I can just blame it all to how random I sometimes pick the shows I watch since I usually avoid potentially amazing shows for the sake of marathon-ing them later on.
Z/X IGNITION opened in media res while leaving the viewers thinking of how all of these happened. I think the first episode simply went about the battle that’s about to happen as well as the reason behind why there are Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters-like creatures. It honestly didn’t pique my interest. Add to that the stereotypical female characters that have those supposedly heartbreaking backgrounds which didn’t even move me. The 2nd episode onwards went to a flashback explaining how the MC got involved in this crazy monster battle and I do have to admit that Fierte’s ignorance of earthly things funny. You know why? Because she’s fighting the enemy to keep them away from the bath which she really loves. Aside from the amusing Fierte and perhaps the decent art and animation, I cannot think of anything more positive to say about this series yet.


Hot: Noragami


No surprises here. I’d like to think that Noragami is the breakout hit of the season, as no one expected anything from it in the shadow of it’s Bones compatriot, Space Dandy, but in no time at all, it became the Bones show everyone was really digging (sorry Space Dandy). If anything Noragami is proof that any show with fleshed out likable characters can win an audience over pretty easily even if its narrative may be on murky ground. Yato, Hiyori, and Yukine are just that infectious that they are the main thing that keeps me coming back week after week. And now that the show is a third of the way through, even the narrative is starting to pull its weight and hook viewers with its mystery. It’s just a really fun show. It’s got humor, it’s got  personality, and it’s got heart, and you should feel bad if you’re not watching it.

Not So Hot: Magical Warfare


Did I surprise you yet? No? Darn me and all my unpredictability! Joking aside, this pick shouldn’t be a surprise. I’ve ragged on this show week after week, and it deserved it. It more than deserved it. And clearly, I’m not the only one who thinks so because this show is on the list twice. TWICE! If that’s not a reason to stay ten million miles away from it, I don’t know what is. In case you haven’t been keeping up with my weekly torture session of keeping up with show, I’ll go ahead and explain why this show isn’t worth anyone’s time. It’s a show full of cliches, characters with no personality that you don’t care about, things that don’t make sense, endless boring exposition, and false advertisement (where’s my magic and warfare damn it!). When I think about it long and hard, this show is like the anti-Noragami. I excitedly wait for every Sunday where I can consume another episode of Noragami, but find myself dreading every Thursday when the next Magical Warfare comes out. I figured, “hey, it’s got promise. This could get better!” But no. This thing managed to shit all over my optimism and rub it all in my face. Those are hours of my life I will never get back, and for that Magical Warfare gets a big F***k You from me.

Tuesday Tally: What Do You Think Of Space Dandy?

With the premiere week over, things are starting to sink back into their seasonal rhythm. And that means posts coming out way later then they should be! So, to tide everyone over while the Zabi toils in the slave pit we’re keeping him while he writes, Tuesday Tally has come with the weekly Space Dandy fix!

We know that the reception to this show so far has been a bit divisive. The style and format of the series is quite a bit outside of what we’re all used to. The fact alone that the image we’re using for this post still has the Adult Swim mark in the corner is proof that it’s been hitting crevices that haven’t been touched by an anime since the medium essentially died in the west. It’s American heavy style is definitely a bit of a hurdle, and some other blogs are reporting that the jokes just aren’t hitting for them.

But, we also know that there is a great deal out there who saw the first two episodes of the series and were completely blown away. This is your chance to plant your flag in the sand, and declare your allegiance. What do you think of Space Dandy?

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Tuesday Tally: Best Anime of Fall 2013?

The fall already seems like a distant memory to us. We actually had to be informed that there was such a thing as an Outbreak Company or an Arpeggio of Blue Steel. And Kill La Kill? What even was that? Oh wait, that’s being kept around for another season? Well thank Cthullu, but I think you get the terrible joke I was trying to make. The last season is finito. This is probably the last time we’re going to talk about it in a general manner.

So we’re taking one last look back at the shows that delivered delivered delight back in the Fall of 2013. Now that all the dust is settled and we can examine the carnage, it seems like the perfect opportunity to decide once and for all what were the absolute best shows of the Fall. It’s been a great time blogging these three months, and it’s hard not to be excited for the next three. So let’s chow down, shall we?

The rules are pretty simple. You may only vote for your top three (or less) shows of the season. I understand not everyone finished every show they liked, but please only vote for shows that you have seen at least half of. This is rating shows as a whole, so if you heard the second half of Kyousogiga wasn’t as good and are rating off the first 5 alone, then you probably should only vote for two shows.

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Sekijitsu’s Best of 2013 Anime Awards


Best of 2013-2

So another year has come and gone, and this year, we’ve decided to mix things up a bit by being more like everyone else….what? We meant that we wanted to mix things up with a truly unique segment. So we’re going to end this year by picking out the best of the best to come out of anime this year. Please join us in our look back over the good, the bad, and the moe of 2013.

– B E S T S E A S O N –

Best Season-SummerSummer // Yippy’s Thoughts 

Alright, let’s start with the big guns-the best season of 2013. For my take on this award, I’ll look at how many hits and duds in the shows I watched that particular season; for shows that air through multiple seasons, I’ll only consider only the season in which it first aired.

Unfortunately, thanks to my bad habits, I didn’t watch that many shows in the past year, let alone complete them. Still, I think I’ve watched quite a fair bit and gauged enough through social media (so that’s why I watched so little XD) to make a decision on the best season of 2013.

So, without further ado, I give you the best season of 2013: Summer!

Throughout summer, I watched a total of 18 shows, completing nine and leaving nine unfinished. Perhaps because of the sheer number of shows I finished and liked, this was my favourite season. However, I also thought this season was great because there were many shows with moe and drama -both of my favourites.

Even if I didn’t finish all of them, shows like Love Lab, Rozen Maiden, Monogatari S2, Uchouten Kazoku, Neptunia, Silver Spoon, Kiniro Mosaic and Kimi no Iru Machi were enjoyable and memorable enough to leave a good impression. In particular, I loved Love Lab, Rozen Maiden and Neptunia for introducing me to new franchises and characters. Furthermore, dramas like Monogatari and Uchouten were gripping and exciting in their many plot twists and dialogue. Silver Spoon was also a surprise since agriculture didn’t bring to mind exciting stuff.

Although there were duds aplenty like Inu to Hasami, Stella C3 Bu, Dangan Ronpa, Servant x Service, , Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi, Kimi no Iru Machi, Rozen Maiden and Gatchaman Crowds, the shows I enjoyed were fun enough to hand Summer the trophy of “Best Season of 2013”.

Honorable Mention: Spring. 

As Zabi would say, it’s “MOTHERF****** GIRLS UND PANZER”. Just that show alone would etch any season into the pages of history, even if its first season was the year before…). Besides that though, we’ve also had starts to promising franchises like Hataraku Maou-Sama, Aku no Hana, Date A Live and a little buzzmaker called Shingeki no Kyojin. However, I only found 3 shows I really liked in Spring compared to four in Summer (so close!), so I picked the latter. I’d call Spring the classic-maker and a memorable season, but my favourite is still Summer.


Show ▼

– B E S T O P E N I N G  –

Best OP Attack on TitanAttack On Titan // Heartless’s Thoughts 

This was truly the most difficult decision I’ve ever had to make regarding anime but in the end I must say that Attack on Titan‘s first opening sequence from the Spring season was the best of the year. The theme song “Guren No Yumiya” could hype this show by itself and if you’ve ever read the translated lyrics, you’ll understand my overall decision. “Guren no Yumiya” is a blood pumping musical number and when combined with Production I.G’s amazing visuals, you get the exact theme of what this series is all about. Being caged in and waiting to be eaten, enough of sitting and praying for survival it’s time to take action and it’s better to die fighting rather than die running are the overall themes of Attack on Titan. Unlike some anime openings that have quick paced fighting scenes, Attack on Titan’s visuals are clear and concise. You can make out every detail and nothing appears blurry. No matter how much the hype train may annoy you, one cannot help but love this opening.


Show ▼

– B E S T E N D I N G –

Best EndingWataMote // Heartless’s Thoughts 

The best ending sequence of the year would have to go to WataMote (Watashi ga Motenai no wa dō Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!) and its incredibly hilarious yet stinging lyrics. “Dō Kangaetemo Watashi wa Warukunai” by Izumi Kitta (Tomoko’s VA) is a perfect song for a series like WataMote that has everything do with being anti-social. WataMote as a series hits close to home for a number of anime viewers but the lyrics to its ending theme song really hit a nerve for those of us who are somewhat of a social recluse or have social anxiety. At the same time, it pokes fun at these subjects as well and combined with Tomoko’s crackling voice, the ending song is just plain hilarious even without the English translations.


Show ▼

– W O R S T U S E O F A M E R I C A N C U L T U R E –

American CultureDanganronpa // ZabiLegacy’s Thoughts 

The Japanese have a wonderful bounty of talents, but cultural appropriation isn’t one of them. It may be because of a bizarre mix of centuries of isolation, and then half a century of intense imperialism, and then widespread culture rape. I don’t know. The point is that often times when they try to show off other cultures, it just ends up a disaster like Galilei Donna, or like the 2016 Olympics. Wait, you guys can’t time travel like I can. Right. Forgot that.

To me the winner of the award is pretty self evident. Danganronpa‘s stupid rap into was the perfect storm of failure.

It had everything you can possibly hope for to go wrong. It fails as an intro, the song is terrible because it’s so specific, and it has random bridges that are just shrill. Watching this intro was like watching a pair of trains collide into each other, back up, then crash again. You put your hands over your eyes, but the schadenfreude siren calls into your ears, demanding you peak. It’s definitely the worst superfluous rap into to anything since One Piece .


Show ▼

– M O S T C O L O R F U L –

Most ColorfulUchouten Kazoku // Yippy’s Thoughts 

As you can probably tell, “most colourful” isn’t exactly an objective or concrete adjective that everyone can agree on. You could say “most colourful hair”, “most colourful harem” or even “most colourful animation” and it’d still apply! So, for my pick, I’ll consider the two criteria that I deem most important in an anime-its art and its characters. So, which anime of 2013 was colourful enough to leave a Picasso-sized impression?

Without a doubt, literally and metaphorically, I thought Uchouten Kazoku was the most colourful of all the anime we’ve seen in 2013.

Rather than use non-existent to lazy backgrounds, Uchouten gave us a realistic yet stylish presentation of modern Kyoto. Looking at the photo-realistic scenery (especially in the city) throughout the show, I could almost imagine that I was right there with Yasaburou. On the other hand, the watercolour-style of said backgrounds also gave a fantastical tint to Yasaburou’s adventures. Besides blending in with the style of the chracters, this style gave life to the misadventures and “foolishness” of the many hidden entities in Kyoto.

However, to be true to the show’s name (it’s called “Eccentric Family” for a reason), we musn’t forget about the peculiar, likable and also fiendish cast in Uchouten too. From the underdog Shimogamos to the menacing Ebisugawas, and in a class of his own-the tengu extraordinaire Mr. Akadama-there was never a dull cardboard cut-out in Uchouten. Although there were a few kinks like Benten’s unexplained motivations (she’s still a kickass female support character though), the rest of the cast were so fun to watch both by themselves and when they were colliding with each other’s personalities and idiosyncrasies.

Therefore, in both a literal and metaphorical sense, I am totally convinced that Uchouten Kazoku deserves to be called the “Most Colourful Anime of 2013”.


Show ▼

– M O S T U N D E R R A T E D –

Aku No Hana

Aku No Hana // Czai’s Thoughts 

I think Most Underrated refers to a series which people have underestimated and thought not really worth their time. And for me, I think that’s Aku no Hana.

While Aku no Hana doesn’t exactly make my top ten for the year, I think that it doesn’t deserve to be bashed and be put down by literally lots of anime fans. Aku no Hana is practically one of those series that really kept me interested from start to finish. Every episode makes me question the MC’s decisions. It makes me interested at how the MC will react to every single thing that Nakamura does or every single unexpected thing that Saeki does. The first half is a bit slow but I do love the atmosphere it creates. Add to that the interesting and unusual art that compliments the show’s uneasy atmosphere. It really disappointed me when I saw people dropping the show just because the art looks entirely different from the manga or the anime is starting really slow. I think that Aku no Hana deserves a bit more positive attention because of how ZEXCS has really done a great job on this. So if you were turned down by the negative reviews for this series or decided to drop it, I suggest that you pick it up(:


Show ▼

– B E S T B R O M A N C E –

Best BromanceNanase Haruka x Matsouka Rin (Free!) // Umizi’s Thoughts 

Oh man, this is great. I get to talk about my OTP. In all seriousness, Haru and Rin really do have some chemistry going on. Their rivalry often gets in the way of their friendship, but throughout the entire season, they’ve still been looking out for each other. Not only that, but they foil each other so nicely. Haru is the “lazy genius,” he swims for the sake of swimming – he just loves water. That’s must be why Rin’s often so frustrated by him; his friend swims better, but doesn’t seem to take it as seriously. When Rin actually beats Haru, though, he realizes that swimming with friends is more satisfying than swimming for competition. (Then they hug and make up.)

The concern that Haru has for Rin throughout the season is blatant, though. It’s clear that he changed when he returned from Australia. The last episode especially, Haru spends so much of his time trying to figure Rin (and himself) out, and when he finally does, it ends with a wonderful collapse of woobieness, vulnerable Rin, and redemption for their friendship. Admit it; their hug at the end of the relay was so shippable. The bromance is so strong.

Honorable Mentions: Kanbara Akihito & Nase Hiroomi (Kyokai no Kanata), Hazuki Nagisa & Ryuugazaki Rei (Free!)


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– B I G G E S T D I S A P P O I N T M E N T –

Biggest DisappointmentRobotics;Notes // Czai’s Thoughts 

I think Biggest Disappointment is about a series that was given a lot of anticipation and received a lot of expectations because of things such as predecessors, prequels, studio/staff relation, and probably other more things. The series that really disappointed me is ROBOTICS;NOTES.

R;N is technically a Fall2012 series but it ended with Winter2013 series so I believe it’s still part of the 2013 roundup. I think that R;N is a series that gained a lot of expectations because of its predecessor Steins;Gate which had a ridiculously great story and characters. R;N probably isn’t just a disappointment. It’s downright bad, in my opinion. The first episode wasn’t very interesting although I have to admit that it made me want to really consider it time worthy back then because of its ending line which referred back to Chaos;Head. But no, probably the first thing that just failed to me are the characters (except for Frau >:]). Akiho is perhaps one of the most uninteresting and annoying MCs I’ve come across and Kaito isn’t so much different from her and he’s very incomparable to a certain mad scientist from S;G. The route the series took isn’t very intriguing but it seems that they were trying too hard (but still failed) to make it seem intriguing. The concluding episodes aren’t very memorable at all. Actually the whole point of it and how it was done was just annoying as a whole – the robot malfunctions, the Kimijima reports, Airi, and everything else. I’m sure I was only able to finish this series because of the occasional entertainment I get from Frau and (at times) Subaru.


Show ▼

– B I G G E S T S U R P R I S E –

OregairuOregairu // Czai’s Thoughts 

I think Biggest Surprise has to be a show that greatly exceeded my expectations. Particularly a show that I expected to fail yet was able to make itself a must-watch. I had a few unexpected series this year that I had a hard time choosing which truly surprised me. Going through everything again, I think my biggest surprise is Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru. or Oregairu.

Prior to watching Oregairu, I thought that it’ll be just like every club-harem series out there. I actually thought it’ll be highly similar to Haganai (which isn’t so positive for me since I’m not a fan of Haganai). Although somehow I’m right at Oregairu’s harem side of things, its characters far exceeded my expectations. Hachiman, in particular, have greatly caught my interest and perhaps is one of my favorite characters for 2013. Hachiman is possibly one of those few complex characters that I’ve come across lately. I like his monologues, his way of thinking, and such. Perhaps Hachiman allowed me to actually be emotionally attached to this series because of how his character is and how surprisingly similar I see myself in him. His harem, on the other hand, isn’t exactly the most unique out there (as if unique harem is even possible, lol) but I do have to admit that they’re pretty much likeable especially Totsuka (one of my fave traps!). Overall, Oregairu surprised me in a sense that instead of being another pointless and whinny harem series with lots of emotionally stupid girls, it turned out more sensible and complex than what I expected.


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– B E S T F E M A L E L E A D –

Best Fem LeadMikasa Ackerman // Umizi’s Thoughts 

Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan. Not only does a female lead have to be strong and compelling by herself, but she also has to be able to foil the male lead (that is, if there is one). Mikasa does just that; in comparison to the other two leads, Eren and Armin, Mikasa is the strongest, the one who protects. She’s level-headed, often being the voice of reason, and the fact that she’s considered to have the strength of a hundred ordinary soldiers gives her a sense of solidarity and power that many female leads in anime don’t seem to have anymore. She’s got natural talent, and she does it all on her own, rivaling even the ever so popular Lance Corporal Levi at his own game.

Even so, she’s got her vulnerabilities. Eren, of course, is a big one. Then again, you have to remember that he was the one who saved her from those slave dealers, and he was the one who taught her to fight through life. He’s also the last bit of family she has, so it’s only natural that she would risk even her own life to save him. She’s independent and she’s powerful, and she’s got a great character design to boot. A lot of people call her out on being so attached to Eren, but her fierce loyalty isn’t necessarily a downside. After all, it kind of sucks when you’re humanity’s last Asian.

Honorable Mentions: Ichinose Hajime (Gatchaman Crowds), Kuriyama Mirai (Kyokai no Kanata), Senjougahara Hitagi (Monogatari Series Second Season)


Show ▼

– B E S T A N I M A T I O N-

Best AnimationAttack On Titan // Heartless’s Thoughts 

Despite the number of still frames in this series, I can’t help but go with Attack on Titan as the 2013 anime with the best animation. Production I.G really went all out for this anime and I have to admire the finished product as it is just stunning. The 3DMG scenes illustrate some of the series greatest feat of animation and I can’t find any other 2013 series that could really compare to the high contrast world of Attack on Titan.


Show ▼

– W O R S T A N I M A T I O N –

Worst Animation

Aku No Hana // Heartless’s Thoughts 

The Spring season’s Aku no Hana certainly took the cake for the worst animation this year. I can’t really blame Zexcs for wanting to take a different route and change up the anime industry a bit but making an effort at something doesn’t always pay off. For those who may not know, Aku no Hana was animated using rotoscoping and pretty bad rotoscoping at that. I would have rather dealt with a live action version if they were so bent on making Aku no Hana more realistic. If you compare the three different styles available for Aku no Hana, you could easily see that a live action version or a full anime version would have been much better than the rotoscoped version that was produced and released.


Show ▼

– B E S T O F 2 0 1 3 –

Best of 2013

Space Battleship Yamato 2199 // ZabiLegacy’s Thoughts

Zabi is doing the best show of 2013 award? Well I guess you all had better prepare for me to pick Kill La Kill. Oh wait, that doesn’t end until next year. Damn. In that case the best show that ended in 2013 is pretty much as clear as Satsuki’s midriff. Space Battleship Yamato 2199 is the remake to a show it’s creators love that I wish I could make. It takes what made the original great, removed all of the fluff and outdated concepts, and then makes something distinctly it’s own from it. The key to a good remake is an understanding of where to copy the original and where to maintain it’s own independence, and each and every choice here is a right one.

It also doesn’t hurt that the team they picked for it didn’t fucking play around. Music direction? Remake of the original soundtrack with a full orchestra. Art direction? Original shows character designs, but with a crisp new art style showing off the futuristic feel (though someone should have spread some of that money to the “point and laugh” CG battleships). Writing? A little hammy at times, but each episode told a unique and meaningful story. One whole episode follows the crew sending their last messages to Earth. Another is a Philip K Dick style star crossed friendship between two 1950s style robots. The direction is what really takes the cake though. Every single shot is composed to be as striking and iconic as possible. I knew I was watching something special at the end of the first episode, when Koda looks over the hill to see the Yamato. In an instant, everything works in tandem as the theme song slowly swells. We are told everything about the series with the shot of the ship, both a broken down wreck and undeniably majestic. It’s the sort of indescribable flash of brilliance that made everything else that came out this year have to pack it up and go home.


Show ▼


Tuesday Tally: Which Of Toonami’s Anime Movies Is Your Favorite?

For those of you who were never a kid during the late 90’s and early 2000s in America with cable, you wouldn’t know what Toonami is. But, for us, Toonami was something special. For one thing, it happens to have been the best thing ever to have happened to anime oversees. It indoctrinated an entire generation on Naruto and Dragon Ball Z. Since it’s revival as part of the late night Adult Swim block a few years back, Toonami has been a great place for nostalgia, and one of the foremost pushers of modern anime. This month, they decided that they were going to air four anime movies to celebrate the year, so I figured it would be a good idea to look over the films and see which of them the hallowed readers of our site thinks is superior.

The first movie they aired was the seminal classic, Akira. Widely known for it’s mature story telling, ultraviolence, and shocking widespread appeal, Akira deserves a great bit thank you from every single Seinen anime that will ever air. It tells the story of a government’s experiment on a captured biker kid, and how the only one who can save the day when he goes out of control is the gang’s leader. If you are an anime fan and haven’t seen it, that is pretty seriously embarrassing.

Summer Wars was the 2009 smash hit by Wolf Children and Girl Who Lept Through Time director Mamoru Hosada. There are few anime that are a classic within hours of their release, but Summer Wars made a strong statement for being one of the best of all time. It follows a math genius who discovers the meaning of family when he pretends to be the fiance of a girl in an ancient and proud family. Then he breaks the internet.

The third movie was Fullmetal Alchemist: The Conqueror of Shamballah which was the follow up to the original 2003 tv series. It had the daunting task of trying to figure out how to properly continue a story that had gone off the rails a little earlier. I think it’s safe to say that “Edward Elric fights Nazis” was the only direction that made sense. Wait, that made no sense. Anyway, the FMA series is rightly revered, and considering it’s competing with The Sacred Star of Milo this is easily the franchise’s best movie.

Set to air next week is a personal favorite of mine, Triguns Badland Rumble. A side story for the series made more then a decade after the show’s initial release, it is a miracle that it managed to be a worthy part of Trigun canon. I’m head over heels for Trigun so watching the crew again, now with a complete modern makeover was everything I could have hoped for and more. The movie follows Vash the Stampede, the outlaw with a 60 billion dollar bounty on his head, as he tries to stop the anarchy that is bound to ensure when a master thief named Gaback goes on the warpath against his treacherous former minions.

It’s up to you to decide which one you enjoy most. You don’t have to answer which of them you think is best, but only which one is your favorite. God knows my favorite anime isn’t the one I think is the objective best, and you can answer however you please!

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Tuesday Tally: What Shows Are You Trying Next Season?

Winter is coming.

A million jokes of that nature have already been made, but with the frosts, and the new shows that come with them, already starting to bite at my fingers, it’s time to soak in the last few weeks of the Fall season and look ahead towards what we are watching next season. Zabi’s Preview Post already featured this poll, but more then any other poll this year, we need to go into the season knowing what you want to watch, that way we can know what shows to prioritize coverage of. So for those of you who missed it the first time, here is the poll for what you plan on watching next season.

Include basically everything you are looking forward to. We know that it’s the habit of many to just watch everything and form opinions from there, but for the poll just include shows that you can realistically see yourself watching in the long run. If that is every show, then just check every box. If you don’t think you’ll watch more then a single episode of something just leave it blank.

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Tuesday Tally: How Much Of A Money Sinkhole Is Anime?


We all know hobby’s are expensive. It takes money to do anything in this world, and hobbys are meant to be the sort of time and cash wasters that keep the world running. Anime is no exception, with overpriced boxed sets out for your wallet and models and memorabilia of all sorts vying to collect dust on your desk. God only know how much money in Gundam Model Kits have made their way into the homes of anime fans in the past 50 years. Our question to you here at Tuesday Tally is how much is your anime habit worth in terms of ca ching ching in a given year.

Just a quick note though: We all love anime conventions, and think they are an all important part of the otaku community. But, the majority of the costs of anime conventions come from buying things that are more social then anime related. We ask that when including anime cons, only include anime related things that you bought on a show floor, like T-shirts, Figures, or Boxsets.

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Tuesday Tally: Do You Watch Openings and Endings?

imaishi_manganimation_ We all know OPs and EDs. Some of them are so forgettable you may not remember it by the time the song is over. Some of them defined a generation. My life wouldn’t be the same without Cha-La Head Cha-La or Cruel Angels Thesis. But, often times, we watch the Op waiting impatiently for the show to begin. The skip button becomes just oh so tempting. So we wanted to bring the question to you. Do you stand tall and watch it, or do you think there is no point in watching something so repetitive.
It’s understandable if your choices vary depending on how much you actually like the song. If you very, go for the sometimes or something like that. Obviously particularly ear slaying tunes are understandable. This quiz is foryou, so if you feel that you watch enough to qualify for always, go ahead. If you catch one on occasion, but still want to go down as never, that’s totally up to you. Tuesday Tally is here to gouge how you see your anime habits

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