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Tuesday Tally: Where Is Samurai Flamenco Going?

Note for the following post: This poll deals with details from the latest episode of Samurai Flamenco. If you care about spoilers for Samurai Flamenco through episode number 7, …
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Tuesday Tally: How Many Show Do You Normally Finnish A Season?

The range of philosophies in terms of how many shows to watch differs from person to person. Some people will start with a large amount and have their watch …
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Tuesday Tally Double Feature: The Kyoto Animation Two For One

Kyoto Animation, creator of shows ranging from Haruhi Suzumiya to Tamako Market has been releaseing the series Kyoukai no Kanata. While the show’s pedigree has almost assured it popularity, the …
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October Summary


Hot: Golden Time

Probably one of the biggest surprises for me going into the season. Golden Time caught my interest with an overly attached …
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Tuesday Tally: Clash of the Heavyweights

There are many shows this Fall worth watching, as the people all over the anime watching world will tell you. But as the season has worn on, two shows …
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A Look into Characters – To Empathize or Not?

Greetings to all. This is Kai of – the man (or woman, or animal, or alien) of unknown mystery. While Zabi shared his thoughts on an …
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Tuesday Tally: Halloween Anime

Does a medium exist where horror shows are not generally relegated to the back lots and B productions? The only time you see Horror titles breaking the bank stateside …
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We are Hiring!! *Take 4*

So everyone, for the upcoming Fall and Winter seasons, we are looking for new writers again. Have you ever wanted to blog anime for one …
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Tuesday Tally: Biggest Issue Facing Female Characters

With the recent debates that have sprung up around the role of fan service in Kill La Kill, we here at Sekijitsu figured the time was ripe to bring …
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Tuesday Tally: What New Shows Are You Still Watching?

Well guys it’s been a rough week or so, with much too little sleep, but we’re through the worst of the tempest. On Friday, the last of …
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