Nagi no Asukara 17-18: Reunion


It’s not been an enjoyable two weeks in Nagi no Asukara. There are a few highlights with Sayu  and Kaname, but it’s been one disappointing development after another. There’s Kaname’s non-presence, Miuna and Uroko’s weird conversations and a whole boatload of unanswered questions. First off, Kaname. Put simply, his comeback was terribly disappointing. He’s had no chance at all to raise

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Nagi no Asukara 14-15: Warm Winter


Welcome back to Ooshio, land of sun, sea and…ice? It’s been five years since the tragic Boatdrift ceremony and the town has moved on, including the only sea-dweller still awake-Chisaki. Not for long though, since Hikari pops out of the current-blocked Shioshishio without aging a single year. And as if that wasn’t enough, we have feelings between Tsumugu and Chisaki

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Saikin, Imouto no Yousu ga Chotto Okashiinda ga [First Impressions]

Studio: Project No.9 Genre(s): Comedy, Ecchi, Romance, Shounen Episodes: 12 OP: “BINKAN Attention (BINKAN あてんしょん)” by Mitsuki Kanzaki, Hiyori Kotobuki, and Yukina Kiritani (Chinami Hashimoto, Yui Ogura, and Hisako Kanemoto) ED: “Charming Do!” by Yui Ogura Summary:  In the romance comedy, a girl named Mitsuki Kanzaki lives with her step-brother Yuuya after her mother remarries. One day, Mitsuki is possessed by

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