GATE: 04


Go Go Gadget Refugee Camp I have to say Arnus Hill is starting to look pretty nice for an army base, I’m expecting a flourishing village in like 2 episodes time. Time works very strangely in this world. Our harem has made its way to JSDF headquarters and are sort of getting by despite the language barrier something which is

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GATE Episode 3


The Goth Loli vs the Dragon This show guys, this is the one, the one I thought I’d hate but instead love eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…. ok I’m sorry I’ll calm down. So this episode surprised me a bit forming the harem in one quick swoop. I’m really looking forward to learning more about the other world particular this religion with the 12

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GATE Episode 2


The one where Roman politics joined the party. Another week passes and another episode of Gate is upon us. What did we get this week? A look into the other worlds politics and unsurprisingly it has a Roman like feel to it a king with a senate in the Imperial City surrounded by what I can only surmise are city

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Aldnoah Zero 22

ALDNOAH ZERO - 22 - Large 08

The Prelude to the Final Showdown Here we go ladies and gents, the chips are down (mostly) and the build up to the final showdown is here. Where to even start the episode was so packed of stuff and things. Klancein (is that how you spell it?) isn’t he just going to be the thorn in Slaine’s side. Loyal to

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