Final Impressions

Zabi versus the summer: Final Look

Well with the majority of the summer having passed us, I think it’s time for me to release my final report on the season. So, what am I …
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Yuyushiki 9-12 [END]

Whoops, sorry about the blackout there. Thanks to hardware problems and a serious bout of procrastination I wasn’t in the best of shape for blogging. After a marathon of …
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Fall Flashback

It’s almost time for the Spring season to hit us with its full fury! So, before while we brace ourselves for the season of life, rebirth and sakura, I’ll recap some of the top Fall …
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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure 25-26 END

HORA! It’s the Yerocha-Yippy “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure” co-review! We hope you enjoy this GAR review format (or else), but if you have any …
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Blood-C: The Last Dark [Review]

blood-c1Monster slayer Saya is on a search and destroy mission for a powerful businessman in Tokyo.

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Psycho Pass Review

Premise:  In the future, the invention of a machine that can predict the probability of someone committing a crime results in the birth or the Sybil System, a force that de facto rules …
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Nekomonogatari (Kuro) [Part 2]
2 years ago

Nekomonogatari (Kuro) [Part 2]

Imagine knowing everything in Nekomonogatari before watching Bakemonogatari – your expectations and impressions of the entire show would probably change dramatically, huh? I’m sure we were all …
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Vividred Operation [First Impressions]

Studio: A-1 Pictures, Aniplex, Aniplex America

Genre(s):  Action, Sci-Fi

Episodes: 12

Notable Seiyuu(s): Maaya Uchida, Aya Uchida, Ayane Sakura, Masaki Terasoma

OP: “Energy” by earthmind

ED: Unknown

Summary: Vividred …
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Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb 11-12 END


Ep 11- Yuno and co. help sort out Yoshinoya’s messy artbook collection before meeting her brother, whom they assume is her boyfriend. As Christmas approaches, the Hidamari gang celebrates with an excited but terribly shy Natsume.

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