Nobunagun [First Impressions]

Studio: Bridge Genre(s): Action, Shonen, Adventure OP: “Respect For The Dead Man” by Pay Money To My Pain (feat. Ken &Teru from Crossfaith) (link) Episodes: 13 ED: “Chiisana Hoshi (ちいさな星)” by Shiori Mutou, Yuu Asakawa, Galileo Sumire Uesaka (link) Summary: Shio Ogura is a Japanese high school student, who is visiting Taiwan on a school trip when she is suddenly attacked by monsters. Agents

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Hamatora [First Impressions]

Studio: Naz Genre(s): Action, Supernatural, Fantasy, Mystery OP: “FLAT” by Livetune ft. Yūki Ozaki ED: “Hikari” by Wataru Hatano Summary: “Minimum” – a special inborn power found in a limited number of human beings, known as “minimum holders.” In Yokohama, the detective team Hamatora, formed by two minimum holders named Nice and Murasaki, comes across information connected to a serial

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Noragami [First Impressions]

Studio: Bones Genre(s): action, adventure, fantasy, shounen Episodes: 12? OP: Goya no Machiawase by Hello Sleepwalkers ED:  Heart Realize by Tia Summary: Yato is a minor deity who lacks even a single shrine. In order to build his own shrine, he scrawls his cell number on the wall of a downtown bathroom telling people he will help them in exchange

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