Chapter Impressions

One Piece – Chapter 687

Zoro and Tashigi have a relationship that could be best described as “on-again, off-again”. As in they spend their time either as teammates or mortal enemies, and could easily switch …
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Kimi ni Todoke – Chapter 73

It’s always nice when Sawako finally says what she’s been thinking. We’ve clearly seen how badly these two can misinterpret each other’s feelings when they don’t talk …
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Kimi ni Todoke – Chapter 72

After their impressive display last chapter, the time has finally come for Kazehaya to get over himself and tell Sawako how he really feels. This was the first chapter dedicated …
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One Piece – Chapter 680

It seems that as bad as the average Marine is, even one belonging to the G5, they only get worse as they become stronger. I still have trouble remembering the …
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One Piece – Chapter 679

A constant presence throughout all of One Piece has been the Marines and their various levels of corruption and insanity. Even at the start of the New World, we still …
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