Happy Birthday Elyon~!!

Another month, another milestone. June 2nd marks the birth of our very own Elyon, our resident fujoshi with the heart of gold. It’s quite a big milestone …
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Happy Birthday Vivi~!!

While the date may say the 28th, I know that most of you are still stuck in the past. Which is a good thing, cos the 27th marks the …
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Weekly Art – Valentines Special

Hello minna-san, Tofu here! On behalf of the awesome team at Sekijitsu, we wish you all a wonderful time with whoever or whatever is special to you personally on this very special day filled with love and care. As a way to celebrate the day, here’s some pictures for your enjoyment. Happy Valentines everyone! Read More

Happy Birthday, Bass~!!

Hey,what better way to kick off the new year than with a little celebration? Even bosses have birthdays, and today marks the day that our very own tenchou was …
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Happy Birthday Tofu!

You all are probably still reeling from a massive christmas blowout but really, the party is not over yet! Today marks the birth of one of our very own, …
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