Happy Birthday Elyon~!!

Another month, another milestone. June 2nd marks the birth of our very own Elyon, our resident fujoshi with the heart of gold. It’s quite a big milestone …
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Happy Birthday Vivi~!!

While the date may say the 28th, I know that most of you are still stuck in the past. Which is a good thing, cos the 27th marks the …
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Weekly Art – Valentines Special

Hello minna-san, Tofu here! On behalf of the awesome team at Sekijitsu, we wish you all a wonderful time with whoever or whatever is special to you personally on this very special day filled with love and care. As a way to celebrate the day, here’s some pictures for your enjoyment. Happy Valentines everyone! Read More

Happy Birthday, Bass~!!

Hey,what better way to kick off the new year than with a little celebration? Even bosses have birthdays, and today marks the day that our very own tenchou was …
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Happy Birthday Tofu!

You all are probably still reeling from a massive christmas blowout but really, the party is not over yet! Today marks the birth of one of our very own, …
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Weekly Art – Halloween Special

Warning: This post is not for the weak of heart. If you’re a scaredy cat McChicken face, then this post may be too terrifying for you, and you should probably GTFO.

Okay, that was a lie, unless the idea of Miku Hatsune in a witch costume sends shivers up your spine, in which case yeah…you better leave. And get some help. But otherwise, we here at Sekijitsu have all collaborated to bring you one big, ginormous Halloween art post with a little something for everyone. Here’s hoping that all of you guys have a wonderful Halloween and score as much free candy as you can get~ Because nobody is too old for trick-or-treating. Read More

Happy Birthday Asch!

September has been quite a busy month huh? Cos today marks the second birthday for our September babies, the birth of our very own Asch! Plucked from Otaku Complex, …
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Happy Birthday Renn!

September 10 marks the birth of Sekijitsu’s resident Bieber fanatic/Bieber-in-disguise/Bieber-himself, Renn. While he may have been too busy recently touring for concerts or whatever those tween popstars do nowadays, …
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Happy Birthday Mint!

Right in the smack of summer lies the birthday of one Sekijitsu Mint. Or Minto as I would like to call her, since it sounds that little bit more …
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Happy Birthday Elyon!

June 2nd marks the birth of Sekijitsu’s very own fujoshi-empress Elyon, so why not honor her with a celebration complete with BL-covered cake!? If she thinks that we at …
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