Working'!! 13 [END]

Hello minna-san! Here’s the last episode of Working’!! titled “Farewell Popura”. Hope you enjoy! As usual, Yamada continues to give praise to herself and demands praise from others as well but fails though not only is that a continuously humorous side to Yamada herself, her misunderstandings and gossiping habits get the better of all the workers at Wagnaria; being told

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Guilty Crown 11

Hello minna-san! Here’s episode 11 titled “Resonance”. Hope you enjoy! Might I say this episode was quite cheesy but I still enjoyed it somewhat… even though I have a few rants about what the episode did wrong here and there. I’m glad Shu’s finally woken up from his stupidity (a bit) and realized he can’t be Gai but himself. Took

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Chihayafuru 12

Hello minna-san! Here’s episode 12 titled “Sets These Forbidden Fields Aglow”. Hope you enjoy! I continue to enjoy watching Chihaya’s over expressive facial reactions and it never lets up as being humorous to witness, especially during her plea for Desk-kun to stay in karuta after finding out he’s been scoring lower on his tests. Yet again Desk-kun is another character

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