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Living in harmony since a few days ago

Living in harmony since a few days ago




LIKES: classical music, bishies, bubble tea, impossibly cool fashion, lurking, eating good food

DISLIKES: insects, spiders, waiting in line, bad grammar, humid weather

BIO: Your typical high school student, she resides in New York City and considers herself a bit of an Asian hipster. An expert at lurking, she hopes that one day the internet anonymity will be over and she can be an internet personality. For now, she’s just a random desu that enjoys piano and writing like a machine. For more BIO related stuff, check out my introduction post!

CURRENTLY LISTENING: indie pop, nico nico douga
CURRENTLY WATCHING: free, haikyuu, persona 4 golden
CURRENTLY PLAYING: persona 3/4, fire emblem: awakening, ace attorney
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Insufferable troglodyte

LIKES: Women,  American comics, Japanese comics, Philosophical anime like GITS or Utena, Giant robots, Giant robots, giant robots, Being a hipster, Gaming, Writing, Writing games, Those silly cartoons dem japs make

DISLIKES: Scat, My enemies, People who like the Fast and Furious movies, endless shonen monstrosities, HAREMSSSSSSSS, You

BIO: Giant hipster dick bag. Philosophy student currently living in the holy land. He talks big and acts big so he can provide an example for his people. Likes to shout out his love of all things anime from the top of the tallest peak and into the bottom of the deepest river basin. Use caution when dealing with the Zabi, he is rabid and quite dangerous when provoked.



Permanently Be-dazzled!

LIKES: sci-fi, mecha, financial security, cats, manly tears and KAMINA!!!!

DISLIKES: Spam, push-over/idiotic protagonist’s and 133t speak.

BIO: He is film student from the UK, who likes to spend his time dreaming about what it would be like to have anime powers or a Gundam, but otherwise is working on becoming the guy who licenses anime for us non-Japanese folk. For more BIO related stuff, check out my introduction post!

CURRENTLY WATCHING: Job Application Websites
CURRENTLY PLAYING: Job Applications 3: Return of the despair!
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Jack of all genres, master of moe.

LIKES: Japanese culture, the sight of a fellow otaku, tsunderes, a good read, writing, quiet places, games, random trivia and OST’s.

DISLIKES: Weeaboos, unpleasant/ultra-defensive/annoying Japanophiles/otaku, prudes, hypocrites, derpy animation, spicy food and lousy weather.

BIO: Malaysian student who got into anime through a friend, a tub of bleach and a smattering of lucky stars. More on that here. When not tearing his hair out over horrid Maths problems, he’s usually searching for stories and tales in any form to entertain himself.

Eternally procrastinating, he always tries to find the middle path in everything. Plans to major in language while consistently writing. Always crusin’ for a discussion on anime and anything Japanese in general. Seriously, he likes (and wants) to talk. =)

CURRENTLY READING: Murakami and the occasional manga.
CURRENTLY WATCHING: Anything that has a story to tell.
CURRENTLY PLAYING: The Persona series.
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de gozaru

LIKES: Well placed fanservice, technology, science, drums, music, video games, Japanese entertainment (anime, manga, what-have-you).

DISLIKES: Tsuderes, generic protagonists, stubbornness, pointless conversation, do nothing slice-of-life, my laziness (but I’m too lazy to try and fix it).

BIO: A technologically savvy person, who turns to writing about anime on his off time. He has a few of annoying tendencies, like tapping on his leg or tables when he isn’t near a drum set, but believes he has valid points to make about many aspects of anime.

Although mindtap does tend to favor the more dark toned anime, he can’t help but like to indulge in the more erotic and fanservice focused ones ever now and then. For a more creative take on introductions, you can check out the post I made to debut myself on Sekijitsu!

CURRENTLY PLAYING: Not enough games


meganekko desu~

LIKES: Anime, j-music, good voice actors, coffee, any novel I handpicked from the bookstore and inspirational stuff.

DISLIKES: BL, otome game based series, homework and an empty wallet.

BIO: AniBlogger from the Philippines. Watching seasonal anime since Spring 2010. Reading manga since Fall 2010. Noob Nendoroid collector. Your typical university student – a bit of a procrastinator, a bit studious, and always stressed. Read more in my introduction post.

CURRENTLY READING: That book I randomly grabbed from my shelf
CURRENTLY WATCHING: Those currently airing stuff
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Stay calm and join the dark side.

LIKES: Sleeping in, Drawing, Cooking, Gothic Loli, Randomness, Cats (of all sizes), OSTs, Blogging, Technology, Music (not including country), Toonami, Big butts and I cannot lie.

DISLIKES: Excess fan service, drawn out romances, unsettled harems, insects (that aren’t in cages), sleeping with the TV on and tardiness.

BIO: Arthur is his real name but on the Internet he’s go by the name of KingArthur13th (Heartless on Sekijitsu) and he is the creator of the Heartless Aniblog as well as a lover and budding artist of Fakemon. A college sophomore student who had to dropout due to financial troubles now spends his days filling out job applications and blogging about anime. Heartless considers no genre of anime his favorite and is willing to view just about anything but will he watch it all the way through? Maybe, maybe not.

If you wish to know anything else, just ask or read my introduction post.

CURRENTLY READING: Manga I’m reading right now.

CURRENTLY WATCHING: Anime I’m watching right now.

CURRENTLY PLAYING: Job Application 4: Dying Faith

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Livin la vida shota

LIKES: Arrogant nose tilts, shotas, megane, giant robots, tragedy porn, fancy suits, waifus, making jokes more than actually writing

DISLIKES: People talkin’ smack about the Backstreet Boys.

BIO: A 19-year old fujoshi who thrives off of the pain and tears of fictional prepubescent boys.

the animus
CURRENTLY PLAYING: With your heart
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Yare yare~

LIKES: Shonen, RPGs, rougelikes, hamburgers, pitas, long walks by the beach (…in games)

DISLIKES: Excessive cuteness, blood, peppers, blood peppers, my internet connection


BIO: Canadian born blogger with some experience in math and writing of all sorts, Yerocha spends much of his time asking the age-old question of how two people can most efficiently beat each other up. Not the most talkative guy you’ll ever see, but by no means hard to understand. For more BIO related stuff, check out my introduction post!

CURRENTLY READING: Anything and everything (but Hayate and Silver Spoon in particular)
CURRENTLY WATCHING: Lucky Star, Bamboo Blade, and various ongoing shows
CURRENTLY PLAYING: Kingdom Hearts 3D, Binding of Isaac
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Cerebral Cereal

LIKES: Soccer/basketball/american football (sports in general), drawing, collecting various oddball objects, games, music, playing guitar/drums/piano, lasagna, procrastinating and long walks on the beach indulging in fine wine.

DISLIKES: Boredom, financial insecurity (needs more munnyz), losing, procrastinating, deadlines, pressure, hangovers, proper grammar and apostrophes

BIO: Like many students, Bass tends to be a bit overworked most of the time. Deadlines, presentations and model making take up about 90% of his time during a typical day, with the remaining 9% used for things he enjoys and the last 1% on the necessities (sleep/food etc.).

Hailing from down, down under (that’s New Zealand folks), Bass currently resides in Auckland. A country of greenery and mythical creatures, Bass is surrounded by wild life, particularly hobbits, sheep and gigantic apes. When he isn’t pulling out hair from his latest project, he can be seen curling in a corner thinking about fresh stuff to blog about.

CURRENTLY WATCHING: The time go by….
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srs bzns

LIKES: Anime, money, exercise, skiing, volleyball, reading, beavers, tea, evil redheads, pyrokinetic evil redheads, quality food, traveling

DISLIKES: Brokeness, sleeping, instant noodles, homework

BIO: Renn is a 19-year-old university student who chose to leave the beautiful states of California / Colorado to freeze “studying” in Montreal. That should tell you a lot. Sometimes goes by Renn Biber with the surname standing for the favorite animal, not the androgynous teen idol, though there are no shortage of Bieber jokes here. Or beaver jokes for that matter. For more BIO related stuff, check out my introduction post!



oh this? it’s laced with drugs

LIKES: sweets, bromances, movies, cartoons,  TV shows, big & pointy noses, giant sideburns, long eyelashes, adventure

DISLIKES: argumentative people, random use of CG, people who adamantly choose DC or Marvel over the other, herself, hippies & hipsters

BIO: Wishes she could be both Eyeshield & the Pirate King, but it’ll never happen because she sucks.

CURRENTLY READING: Everything FKMT, One Punch-Man, One Piece, Sket Dance, Yankee-kun to Megane-chan, Yamada-kun to Nananin no Majo, Magi, Giant Killing, Arakawa Under the Bridge, Saint Oniisan, Kuragehime, Gangsta,  Nabari no Ou, anything by Natsume Ono, various BL by Yamamoto Kotetsuko & Junko
in-season stuff except for the lame stuff…


tastes like happy

LIKES: Money, good music, well-drawn hentai, pumpkin spice lattes, solitude, fapping, unusual manga and anime, foreign films, sleeping, gray tones and Italian food.

DISLIKES: Financial insecurity Being poor, pointless fanservice, weak female characters, yaoi fantards and too many bills

BIO: A remnant from the late HnYZ, procrastinator, college dropout and reader of unusual manga. Known mainly for making intelligible NSFW posts about hentai.

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